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26-08-2004 - 02:48

how things have unfolded...

well. takkun has a girlfriend. she lives in michigan and went to msu. not the same girl he was interested in a bit ago. i'm dissapointed, but well...i should have realized it was time for my interest to move on.

i also met up with bily tonight. why is it that a guy expects a girl to sleep with him when she doesn't even know him? while he was kind of cute, i was not about to sleep with some guy i didn't even know. well, i should have known not to meet up with a guy who's security for the necto, has numerous tattoos and piercings and doesn't eat meat. where have all of the meat eatting guys gone?

well. jim's rules for dating: any guy i "date" must eat meat. he must also like some of the same bands as i do.

gordon called me and left a message. if i hadn't met up with bily, i could have met up with the japanese guy gordon used to work with. well, at least i ended up with some good coffee out of tonight...that and at least now the last guy i kissed isn't takkun.

i'm currently watching ai yori aoshi. i think i'm on episode 16.

my grandmother gave me two new plants. some shamrocks and some japanese flowers.

something rather bad. appearently the apartment people are going to paint the doors to this building tomorrow morning. starting at 8am, they will be propping open our doors and painting them. they then are going to wait for the paint to dry...with the doors open till i think they said something like 5pm. they say that they will have people posted to id people coming in and out of the apartment rooms.


strange strange things. one thing that's kind of odd is that while i'm disapointed a bit about takkun...there's a guy that i recently met that i may or may not have some interest in. oh well.

i'm not looking forward to the early meeting for work tomorrow...or switching to 12 hour shifts. blah.


sitting funny. feet have fallen asleep. tingly pain.

" you really wanna know what's happenin'. do you really wanna know what's goin' better please take a lood around. you better explore your heart and find out for yourself..." -rancid



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