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06-09-2004 - 03:22

had anime night last night. we ended up watching the first 8 episodes of full metal panic. drinking, snacking fun.

i have also decided that i absolutely must see the movie "shaun of the dead" when it comes out. zombies and british people. how can one go wrong with that?

i'm still attempting to get used to my new work schedule. evil 12 hour shifts. and, i start classes again this week. so, every wednesday i will have class. every other class, i will end up going to class, and then driving to work for 8 hours. i'm not looking forward to this.

i really want to travel. prices are soooooo cheap.

odd things. the way i dress is becoming trendy once again. not just the skirts and dresses over pants, but the thrift shop looking jackets (mine are thrift shop, the trendy ones are quite pricey), rhinestones, plaid skirts, skirts and dresses with the wavy trim. i've also had a lot of people tell me that they like what i'm wearing lately. it's weird. people made fun of how i dressed for years. now the eccentric look appears to be "in". strange strange things.

my grandmother starts her chemo again next week. i think i'm going to have to pick her up some flowers before i visit after the chemo. something to cheer her up.

my family keeps talking about the whole me not being married or having kids yet. they're worse than amy wong's parents from futurama. it doesn't help that my cousin dawn is going to have a kid in something like 4 or 5 months. "when are we going to see some grandchildren?" "when are you going to meet someone nice and settle down?" blah.

i really need to go grocery shopping soon. seems that all i have is alcohol and condiments. i also need to go to the japanese food store too. buy some of the little coffee's and other food items i'm lacking. mmm...bowl noodles. little expensive coffee's. udon. gyoza. mmmm...

i also cut my hair again tonight. not a whole lot. just a few inches...and you can't even tell. the good thing about having long hair that's curly is that you can just grab hunks of it and chop. no one can tell that it's no where near even. even if i did cut it straight, it would end up curling up oddly and looking uneven.

i still have no idea for my halloween costume this year. i really need to start thinking about it soon and figuring something out...

"when the sun came up we were sleeping in. sunk inside our blankets. sprawled across the bed. and we were dreaming. there are moments when i know it. and the world revolves around us. and we're keeping it, keeping it all going. this delicate balance. vulnerable. all knowing. sing like you think no one's listening. you would kill for this. just a little bit. so, sing me something soft, sad, and delicate. or loud and out of key. sing me anything. we're glad for what we've got. done with what we've lost. our whole lives laid out right in front of us." -straylight run



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