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26-09-2004 - 02:49

i'm actually at work right now. still have quite a few hours left. 6pm-6am is evil and hellish. i've had more mt. dew's than i can recall and quite a few cups of coffee. it's too bad i can't just get a straight iv tap of caffiene coming in...but i think i've already had enough to simulate that effect.

takkun is coming over to michigan this weekend. he's coming to visit his girlfriend. should i be sad? dissapointed? oddly i'm not. i'm dissapointed that i likely won't seem him even though he's going to be just over a half hour away, but not at all dissapointed that he's coming to see his girlfriend. strange how things turn out.

cathy called today. good thing too since i slept through both of my alarms. i don't remember what she said (since my brain hadn't turned over yet) but i do recall me saying that i'd call her tomorrow. so, maybe after i get out of work. get home. sleep. and wake up again for more work.

things keep happening, but it sometimes feels like i'm standing still.

my birthday is coming up soon here. oct. 11th. and then i'll be a quarter of a century old...and still have trouble getting into bars and clubs.

i am coming to a decision on my halloween costume delima. originally i narrowed the selection down to melfina from outlaw star, mima from perfect blue (her singer costume), dita from vandread, or kaname from full metal panic. then i'd pretty much decided on dita when cartoon network had a block of teen titans on today just before i left for work. i then thought maybe of being starfire. then upon arriving to work, i read an email from jay about how he was going to be robin from teen titans and the perhaps i could go as a teen titan. so, now i'm down to starfire and dita.

the down side to starfire is that i'd have to use orange-ish skin makeup. the down side to dita is that i'd have to make a more complicated costume. hmmm...soon i'll have to make a decision.

i've been looking into traveling too. i'm not sure if i should take a trip this winter break or not. i might just save up my money for my japan trip in the spring.

well, not much else going on tonight. just sleepy and bored...with many many hours of work to go...

"...i never though i'd walk away from you. i did. but it's a false sense of accomplishment. everytime i quit. anyone can see my every flaw. it isn't hard. anyone can say they're above this all. it takes my pain away..." -jimmy eat world



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