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27-09-2004 - 23:59

well, i knew i was really tired when i finished my third twelve hour shift this morning. i didn't realize how tired until i went to sleep at 11am and didn't wake up till 7:01pm. the down side to this is that i slept through the entire "productive" part of the day. the plus side is that i didn't come in direct contact with the sun at any point in time today.

i love the feeling of sleeping the day away. i just wish that there was more going on during a monday night. i'll likely just end up doing a whole lot of nothing tonight.

i think this weird sleep schedule has brought back my weird dreams again. or maybe the weather or season or something. i think it was last year when i last had the weird dream cycle.

this morning when i was sleeping, i recall having a dream where i was in high school. there wasn't anyone there from my "real life" high school. and, the room was set up like a cross between a college auditorium and a movie theatre. i vaguely recall something where someone was killed and they thought that i did it because i was the only one who's backpack was missing or some sort. it made more sense then...and less now. it ended with something like everyone finding out that the killer was really a bunch of massive spiders the size of cereal boxes.

reminds me. i should probably eat something soon. i do have some chocolate milk and corn pops. tasty goodness.

i turn 25 soon. i still feel that this is young. my family keeps saying how they have friends with kids my age and they already are married and many of them in fact have kids. i remind them that now days people are getting married less and when they do get married, often times it's "later in life". and i'm not talking about 48 or anything. but most people i know of get married in their late late 20's and early 30's. i don't think of myself as the type of girl to get married and have kids. perhaps as the ruler of the known world, but i don't even really date.

flipping through channels (after watching slackers) i caught the tale end of "when harry met sally". i've never seen it before. i've been told that it contains one of the few known true facts about men and women. harry says something about how men and women can never just be friends because of the sex part. that no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. he always wants to have sex with her. sally asks something about what if the woman doesn't want to have sex with the man. harry replies something to the effect of that it doesn't matter because the sex thing is already out there and that the friendship is ultimately doomed. everyone tells me that this is true. (i think they mainly point it out due to the fact that almost all of my friends are male.) i wonder how true this is...

and i just got off the phone with aimee. aimee and joe have been engaged for ages. really. like in the 3 to 4 year range. so, while not being married, they've been together longer than any couple in my age range that i'm friends with. aimee also told me that joe's having seconds thoughts about them actually getting married. not that they would split or anything, but just still live together, date, etc. without the whole actual certificate. i should have told her that in the state of michigan, common law is only 7 years.

i don't recall if i mentioned that i bought some raspberry flavoured sake a little while back. it's funny, because the sake part taste great. i'm just not sure if i like the raspberry part. i can't decide if it tastes good...or like medicine.

i do love that it's 11pm now and i'm in my pajamas. not that i recently put them on...but that i've had them on since i went to bed around 11am. still haven't eatten anything. surprised. my hunger hasn't outweighed my bedroom lounging. mind you, i've been walking about...just haven't left the apartment. and, i've been in the kitchen, but just haven't been bothered to actually make effort for food to appear.

i feel so much better right now. before sleeping i felt so worn out. so mentally lagged.

well, i think it's about time i finally got some food...that is if dland ever decides to let me post something...

"fear can stop you loving. love can stop your fear. fear can stop you loving. but it's not always that clear. i'd love to give myself away. but i find it hard to trust. i've got no map to find my way. amongst these clouds of dust. fear can stop you loving. love can stop your fear...but it's not always that clear..." -morcheeba



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