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30-10-2004 - 17:56

it's been quite a while...

i've been busy with work and making my halloween costume. that and one grandmother was in the hospital and got out a few days the other grandmother is likely to go into the hospital.

updates. the other night, beckie and i went a saw the grudge. a good, but uber creepy movie. it's a good think i sleep during the daylight, or i'd likely have been creeped out in my sleep.

the best thing so far is that jay and i won the costume party at the necto last night. so, yes...the teen titans won an x-box. robin and starfire were uber cute last night and appearently some people agreed. i think it helped that jay's costume looked like he bought it from the superhero shop that robin get's his from and that while my costume has a lot of's rather tight and really doesn't cover much. the skirt is really short as it is, but the thigh high tights make it look even shorter. it really is a fun costume though.

i have also discussed with my family and decided to post-pone my japan trip. i've been so excited about going, that i didn't think things over. my one grandmother who is on chemo isn't doing all to well and won't be around for too long. so, i'll just start planning now and wait a year. which kind of works out better in that i can save up even more money for it.

on a much happier note. i finally found a new phone strap for my phone. the one i've had on it since i got it was wearing off. i've been looking for months for the same one that i already have, and finally found one on ebay about an hour ago.

well, i'm off for food and maybe cleaning fabric scraps from my apartment...

"t-e-e-n t-i-t-a-n-s. teen titans. let's go. t-e-e-n t-i-t-a-n-s. teen titans. let's go. t-e-e-n t-i-t-a-n-s. teen titans. let's go. t-e-e-n t-i-t-a-n-s. teen titans. let's go. when there's trouble, you know who to call. teen titans. from their tower they can see it all.. teen titans. when there's evil on the attack. you can rest knowing they got your back. 'cause when the world needs heros on partol. teen titans, go. teen titans, go. one, two, three, four, go! teen titans!" -puffy amiyumi



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