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21-11-2004 - 20:58

let's see...

well, the high point of my day (what i'd refer to as last night as it was prior to my sleeping) was in fact pie. this girl i work with and i contacted one of the valets who had the night off and jokingly said that we were bored (which was the only serious part) and that he should come visit us and bring pie. well...a little past 3am...he shows up with pumpkin pie, chocolate milk, egg nog, plates and cups. mmmm....pie. well, a really unrelated thing on the pie tangent was that today before leaving for work, i caught part of the teen titans. it was the episode where beast boy and the girl i can't recall her name go and get pie. hmmm...that sounds rather dirty for being completely harmless...

maybe i need more sleep.

i am also still in pain from a few days ago. i somehow managed to get my nights sleep the other night on my couch. couch is good for sitting on...but not sleeping. it is a couch that folds into a bed, but i didn't have it folded out and slept really turned about with the remote in my side. neck and shoulders have been not quite right since then.

i still haven't really done much with my school stuff. figure that i'll somehow finish off the 20 or so pages on my two days off. i'll also need to go grocery shopping. i have a ton of to-be-prepaired food. i also have a ton of assorted beverages, condiments, and a jello cup in my fridge...but not much on the "real food". if only i could live off of wine and jello cups...

my grandmother is feeling better lately. she's getting worse, but on some strong pain meds. she now has her hospics nurse that comes out every so often. i'll also have to start looking into what funeral arrangements she would like once she dies. no one seems to know, so i'll be the one to find out since everyone seems to have problems talking to her about that matter. it's really sad, but it is something that needs to be looked into before death...or people will be sad and frantic trying to sort things out.

then there's the matter of getting married and having kids. my mother keeps giving me this guilt trip about how my grandmother is sad that she'll never see any of her grandchildren get married or see their kids. not much i can go about that. i am currently single and i do not plan to nab a husband and have a kid all in the next less than a year. i really don't plan on any of that ever, but i can say that it's even less likely in the next year.

well. my sister has cleaned up a bit. still wearing the nasty blue contacts that don't cover her entire dark brown iris, but she has dyed her hair black so it's all one colour.

the japanese is coming along quite well. i am however having a but more difficult of a time reading the japanese. the roma-ji is easy, but the rest is a bit more difficult.

my hands are freezing right now. trying to type while sitting here bored out of my mind at work. i've had this "thing" going on lately where (mostly at home) i'm stuck somewhere or can't sleep or such and instead of doing something productive with my idle time...i just do nothing. last week i couldn't sleep one night and instead of doing something...i just laid in bed with the television on and the blankets pulled over my head slightly muffling the sound.

well, i guess that's all for now...

"kung fu, do what you do to me. i can't live without my kung fu movies. "shanghei killers" and "deadly road", my life was ruined when the green dragon closed. oh i think it's strange. he's friends with fu manchu and he thinks he knows you. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh daniel-san made in taiwan...come on jackie chan oh oh oh oh oh oh..." -ash



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