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21-11-2004 - 01:53

bah. i've been so oddly busy lately. i'm not even catching up with my sleep on my days off. study sessions with my japanese tutor. helping out my grandparents. school stuff....

i really need to keep up in here more often.

lack of sleep story: today, after getting out of work this morning at 6am, i came home and after doing laundry, slept for 40 min before my parents came to pick me up to help decorate for my cousin's baby shower. i then attended the shower, helped clean up, and made it home for an hour of sleep before going back to work. my brain hurts. not a headache...just things not right. perhaps the massive quantity of caffiene that has replaced my blood tonight.

i might be switching my major at school. not sure if i mentioned it already. possibly a switch from forensic investigation to a masters in biomedical forensics with a specialization in biomedical engineering.

my japanese is actually coming along better than i thought. all i really needed was an outside source to motivate me. i'm actually learning the speaking, reading, and writing all at the same time. i do find myself sometimes throwing in french words without noticing it when i can't immediately recall the japanese word. strange stuff.

no word from takkun lately. since i last talked to him, all i've done is emailed him once the other day.

well, this is all for now. i'm about to switch assignments at work here...

"let's get started. ready. steady. go. fukitonde yuku fukei korugaru you ni mae e. kurushi magure demo hyouteki wa mou minogasanai." -l'arc~en~ciel

"let's get started. ready. steady. go. sceneries being blown away seem to whirl in front of me. even if i get desperate i won't overlook my target anymore." -l'arc~en~ciel



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