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03-12-2004 - 04:06

so. i didn't get any work done during my days off. spent time at class yesterday and met up with emi today. some of the japanese i'm catching onto fairly well, but i'm having some problems with numbers (their different for days, phone numbers, money) and i'm catching onto the writing part a bit slower than i'd hoped for.

then after my japanese, i ended up going over to jeff's before he had to go to work. as much as i hate talking on phones, i must have spent almost two hours on the phone with him today before heading out to ann arbor to meet up with emi.

so, i sat around hanging out with jeff and his two roommates. well, aside from hitting a pot hole the size of guam on my drive over, everything was going fairly well. just normal hanging out with people who have the television on mute with the sterio on like i do a lot of the time.

i still have to work on/finish my paper for class, and as of this sunday, i'll have the questions for my final exam essays. i think i've done more writing for this class than any other class i've ever had. at least i finally went grocery shopping. stopped in at meijers.

well, that's it for now. i'm off to eat and do laundry. and then maybe sleep...eventually...

"you believe there's something else to relieve your emptyness. and you dream about yourself. and you bleed and breath the air. and it's on and on and on and on and on. i just kinda died for you. you just kinda stared at me. we will always have the chance. we can do this one more time...take me now. you spin the sun around and the stars will all come out. then we turn and come back down. turn and come back down..." -foo fighters



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