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06-12-2004 - 00:12

so. at work last night (really this morning) jeff came in on his day off to bring us pumpkin pie, chocolate milk, egg nog, sushi, crackers, and salmon spread. good good stuff.

anyway. before i invited jeff out to the club with us not thinking he'd come...and this morning i invited him over to my place (half hour drive from him) not thinking he'd want to drive that far at 7AM. well...he did. things were weird, but in a happy potentially good way. i didn't end up going to sleep till almost 2PM and planned on waking up at 3:33PM, but either slept through my alarms (all three of them) or turned them off while half asleep. jeff woke me up a little past 5PM. any later and i'd not have made it to work on time.

so, anything that happens between the two of us is not going to be mentioned at our work place as that would probably be bad. oh...and he's in the on going process of trying to prove that he's "smarter" than what he thinks i think he is.

i'm almost finished with my paper. i have it all typed up and i just need to draw out the pages of schematics. then onto the final exam stuff.

this saturday i'm making the journey back to lansing. aimee's joe is graduating and having his graduation party that night. luckily i don't have to work.

it's kind of funny. i lived out there for years and now can't even remember what streets certain things are on. the music equipment store...i know how to get there, but i can't even recall the name of the street.

i haven't started gift shopping yet.

i also haven't heard from takkun lately. interest has faded, but i still miss our late night calls where we discuss what we're watching together just states apart.

i'm also missing my hair brush. i had it this morning at about 8AM. brushed my hair in my living room while watching cartoon network. then when i woke up after 5PM, i couldn't find it anywhere. i have a one bedroom apartment. there's not many places it could have gone off to.

i'm soooooo tired right now my eyes hurt. tired and cold. p>

"had a bad day, don't talk to me. gonna ride this out. my little black heart, breaks apart, with your big mouth. and i'm sick of my sickness. don't touch me, you'll get this. i'm useless, lazy, perverted, and you hate me. you can't save me. you can't change me. well i'm waiting for my wake up call and everything, everything's my fault. went to the doctor and i asked her, to make this stop. woah. got medication, a new addiction, fucken thanks a lot. had to relapse, i'm outta rehab, it ruined everything. woah. so point your finger, at the singer, he in the pharmacy...i went to heaven, couldn't get in, for what i had done. i said forsake me, you said you're crazy, you were too much fun. you can't save me. you can't change me. well i'm waiting for my wake up call, and everything's my fault. you can't save me. you can't change me. well i'm waiting here to take the fall, and everything, everything's my fault..." -unwritten law



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