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09-12-2004 - 05:17

i currently feel half dead. last night i slept on and off in about 15-30 minute increments. i did finish my paper though. every other muscle in my body hurts though. feels like a bad night of binge drinking sans the fun with drinking part.

jeff slept over the other day. it was "night" for us, but...he did freak me out a bit. there were two seperate times during his stay (which consisted of most of the daylight hours) where he mumbled something that sounded like "i love you". even if he said that, i know he's not serious, but it's still enough to creep a girl out.

friday there's the going away party for a co-worker. maybe the necto later that night if jay's going. then saturday at noon i have some thing with my mother in novi where we have to play with some flight simulator and that will get us two free airline tickets...or so they claim. then i've got to drive like mad to lansing for aimee's joe's graduation party. so, that's at joe's grandmother's place in lansing...followed by an after-party at one of joe's friends places. so, i'll likely go to both. not drink, and then drive home that night. sleep most of the daylight hours away on sunday, and finish up the day with a visit to my grandparents. when did i end up with the non-stop lifestyle? i have things planned for a whole weekend! i never plan that much stuff that far ahead of time. (granted it's a day away, but's very unlike me.)

my hands are freezing right now. not sure why. slightly hungry. today was a hellish day. a hellish day that followed a hellish night. i really want to just crash for 5 or 6 hours straight. i think that would "cure" me.

"i can see in front of me, all the things i want to be. i'm not sure what's on my mind. now i'll try and tell you why. you see me, inside you. you are far away. you feel me, here with you. you are far away. i can see you falling fast. following me with haunting eyes. you just tell me what to do. i'd steal anything you want me to. why is this going by so fast? i wanna be fine, why won't it last? now it's time for me to show. things i couldn't let you know." -warmth



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