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20-12-2004 - 04:23

so. way to end an awful accident., on my way to work (in front of the building, two blocks away from where i park) a ford f-350 decides to turn right from the outside lane by means of driving through the front end of my car. so, now the very front drivers side panel has been obliterated and my front bumper is currently residing in the passanger seat of my car. what's worse is that guy claims that he didn't know he hit me. right after hitting me, he stopped and let my bumper drop out of his wheel-well...but somehow didn't know he hit me. yeah....

i'm also freezing. i spent 4 hours in one of our office areas where the heat wasn't working...right next to a door leading outside and surrounded by cold letting-in windows.

i'm still not done with my school stuff. i just can't concentrate on anything this past week. i think that when i get out of work i'm going to snack. maybe shower. and then sleep most of the sunlight hours away. then i'll work on my paper. that sounds like a decent plan.

i'm so tired right now it almost hurts.

well, i haven't much else to update on. well, i'm sure i have tons...i just can't seem to collect any thoughts right now...

"...and i almost had you, but i guess that doesn't cut it. almost had you and i didn't even know it. you kept me guessing and i guess that i spent my time missing you. i almost wish that you would've loved me too..." -bowling for soup



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