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16-01-2005 - 09:31

bleah. done with day two of three. lately it seems like even my days off aren't really days off. can't wait till this work weekend is over. i'm currently watching a movie right now. i'm not sure what it is, but i like it so far.

no word from jeff. oh well. i'll meet someone decent soon. this is going to be a fairly good year for me. a great year aside from my grandmothers illness.

i'm so tired right now that i can't sleep. exhausted. worn out. i feel like i could sleep for days.

"...if you don't mind...i'm gonna pass out..." [line from the movie i'm watching]

i'm off this coming up weekend. i really need to do some fun things. get my mind off of other things.

well. i guess that's all for now. must finish the movie. too tired to sleep. don't want to work later.

", we're talking forever and you almost feel better but, better's no excuse for tonight. you see, it's never bad enough to just leave or give up but, it's never good enough to feel right...would you like to forget. would you like to forget. drop everything, start it all over. well, drop everything, start it all over (would you like to forget). drop everything start it all over, start it all..." -taking back sunday



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