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23-01-2005 - 02:53

"i got a feeling it was going to be one of those days when no matter how much i drank i wouldn't get drunk. i'd just wind up sick and disoriented. you can't even rely on alcohol sometimes." a line from tokyo sucker-punch

i've had a pretty bad weekend so far. not bad...but boring and not fun. stopped by jay's last night, but didn't stay long or do much. i did have a tasty tasty chai drink though. then tonight i was going to hang out with gordon and some others, but then i stepped outside and it was freezy freezy cold with about a foot of snow on my car, so i changed my mind. i also didn't want to risk driving the newly fixed saturn to ann arbor on snow covered roads. so, not much of anything this weekend but snow.

so, jeff 1 hasn't called. i'm done with that. he's probably not up for being friends, but i guess that's about the only possibility right now. the plan is to just not talk to him outside of work and see what happens. i guess nothing since the boy doesn't make any effort for much of anything.

i currently have email correspondence with jeff 2. seems like a nice and interesting guy, but...he's moving to vegas sometime. not sure when. i think vegas is haunting me. ryan and jay are going with their families during my midterm exam week. interesting boy...moving to vegas.

anyways, on thursday i told jeff 2 that i had some questions for him. then i didn't have a chance to ask him because work was uber busy. (the other week he'd asked me a million or so questions so it was only fair to return the questions.) so, he actually stayed a bit after work to talk, but i still couldn't so i got his email address. he asked me when i was going to email him and if i was going to email him that night or not. i said i would and he asked if it was going to be in the next hour so he'd know if he should check it when he got home and such. seems weird...but in a good way. i emailed him. he replied. then on friday, i emailed him to see if he either knew of anything interesting going on or if he wanted to join us in doing something. well, here's some email clips:

Sorry im getting back to you so late. I would have liked to maybe go out for drinks if i would have known earlier. I played poker tonight and took 2ed place $120 dollars. Tomorrow i think im going down town for the auto show ,music festival and check out some of the museum exhibits. Are you intrested in going? if so give me a call in the morning tomorrow. Or tonight if your still up.
talk to you later jeff

i emailed back saying that i didn't have his number.

i gave you my number yesterday. [jeff's number] i wasnt out in detroit tonight i was planning on going out the tomorrow. did you have plans for tomorrow?

i did have jeff's number thursday, but i'd gotten it during work for work. so, after work it was no longer with me. then i phoned jeff earlier tonight and left a message...and that's where we're at now...

"roaming inbetween the worlds of sleep and awake. seems so far away from where i've been and untrue but unafraid. intrusting, my soul, i know i must be taken to see the world that is not so far from now. imaginations come and sweep the shores of my mind. letting it be, visions pass, and emotions arise. letting them go, and beyond are doors i've never seen, opening on by one. wake up and show the light. wake up the time is right. i hear a voice. hear a voice calling out to me. look inside, see the light now ever holding you. all the truth is all you need to make of your's right here. look deep within your shell..." -ghost in the shell lyrics translated



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