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24-01-2005 - 01:07

computer crashed. grrrr...

anyways. today i had to wade out in just over knee high snow to get to the saturn. then i had to dig around the door just to be able to open it. the poor fiero is burried as well. dead and burried. the battery is still dead. the battery is located in the trunk of the car (mid-engine vehicle). the trunk of the car has a frozen lock. meijers, kroger, target, and two gas stations are currently out of lock de-icer. so, the bettery remains until either it warms up, or a new shipment of lock de-icer hits town.

visited my grandparents today. things are getting more difficult. i really could have used a fun filled weekend to cheer me up, but ended up with snow. i don't have the next weekend off, but i'll have to make things up with the one after that.

takkun hasn't called today. at least not yet. i like that we're talking almost every night again. i can't wait for my anime to show up. ended up ordering chobits and love hina at the reccomendation (possibly spelled wrong) of takkun. so far he's never been wrong in me liking what he suggests.

i'm also waiting for two books in the mail. two anime series and two books.

i haven't heard from jeff 1 this weekend. what's odd is that when i see him at work he'll be all flirty and ask me things like if i need a hug during a bad day at work. no reply from jeff 2 either. hmmmm....oh well.

i keep losing my remote.

i'm watching some movie. think it might be a s. king movie. most likely a made for television movie.

ended up buying some stuff from target today. a large resin pagoda for my mother. then ended up at meijers grocery shopping. buying things i didn't really need, but really wanted at the time.

it's odd, but i noticed that while i've been rather hungry all weekend, i've hardly eatten anything. it's weird. very unlike me. i've also not been able to sleep really all weekend. i've had this weird lying in bed with the sterio on completely awake during my sleep time thing. it's odd because i'll shift about in bed and look at the clock and watch time go by, and when i "wake up" or finally decide to give up on sleeping, i'm not too overly tired. no more than if i would have slept on a work day before going back to work. i've racked up a total of 6 hours of sleep covering friday, saturday, and sunday up until now. all of it has been half sleep/half awake. a broken sleep that does nothing but make you more tired. i think i prefer the non-sleep better. it accomplishes nothing, but at least it doesn't make me more tired. not able to sleep much for days is also very unlike me.

i'm in a weird mood right now. it's one am and i still have to do launday. i usually don't do that until around 3-ish. once again i'm starving...but just not wanting to bother with food. i'm sure i'll get up and eat something sometime soon. maybe sleep. something.

"...wind you up and make you crawl to me. tie you up until you call to me. wind you up and make you crawl to me. tie you up until you call to me...finding out true love is blind. finding out true love is blind." -louis xiv



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