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01-02-2005 - 10:53

ok. i've so little sleep over the past few days that i pretty much zoned out yesterday. i slept from about 4PM to 9PM and then again from 5AM to 9AM. maintenance has been in and out of my place for days. they finally patched the wall where the water was coming in. there were two cracks in the foundation. as of tonight i can finally sleep on my bed again...just in my living room. there was some mildew on the bottom of my mattress (which i've fixed with bleach). i can't sleep in my room yet as they still have to re-dry wall the chunk they cut out. replace the insulation (possibly spelled wrong). replace the tack strip under the carpet. re-paint the wall in the corner, and shampoo the carpet. i've been told this will take the next few days. i am both annoyed and inconvenienced by this.

i did get my two isaac adamson books in the mail as well as my two new anime series. hokkaido popsicle and dreaming pachinko (continuing from tokyo suckerpunch). chobits and love hina.

i don't talk to jeff 1 for days and when i see him he wants me to sleep over at his place. does he think that i'm just going to change my mind and have sex with him when he can't even be bothered to phone me? he's also been working out lately to become all muscley. growing his hair out (which is not the best thing for someone with thin hair) and facial hair. he's also back to smoking. not just smoking, but chewing as well. if i wouldn't have sex with him before...why does he think that becoming less of my type would increase his chances? i just don't understand that boy.

i've emailed back and forth a bit with jeff 2. i can't quite figure out that guy either. i can't tell if he's interested or not. he's an interesting guy. a lot of the guys he's working with were asking if he was gay or not. i find that funny because he was asking if one of the other guys was gay. (dave isn't...but it does seem like he's overcompensating. i think that that's just insecurity.)

in a bit here i have to head out to my grandparents. my regular days off visit. i also have to change the brake light in my grandfather's car. after that i'm off to class. hopefully it's not canceled today. i'm not sure if i mentioned that the fiero is running again. i ended up with only having to pay $10 for a new battery. japanese word of the day. battery=denchi.

good or bad, when cleaning out my fridge yesterday i realized that it's pretty much filled with alcohol and cheeses. alcohol, cheeses, and condiments.

i've also decided that i absolutely have to go out this coming up weekend. everything adding up is making me insane. my family is wondering if the cancer has reached my grandmother's brain. my grandfather has bronchitus (spelled completely wrong). my family thinks my sister has been drinking again. she's also not able to flunk another class. if she does, she'll have to find another college because she'll have taken too many credits. they're also not sure if she really did in fact pass her last class. she told my parents she had a 2.0 in the class. they thought she had a 1.5. i'm not sure if either of those are passing. but, she said that a 2.0 was a C. just seems like it's less than that. sleeping on the floor. not much sleep. maintenance frolicking about. oh...and the maintenance guy was here yesterday...i found him in my bathroom. the wall that's broken is in my bedroom. not bathroom. i'm not a fan of strangers frolicking about my apartment when they think i'm not there. at least he's not coming back. the female maintenance girl is doing the rest. she's pretty good about things. she's even willing to come and do things later in the day to avoid waking me up. i've also never found her in a room she shouldn't be in.

"i'm coming out of my cage and i've been doing just fine. gotta gotta be down because i want it all. it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? it was only a was only a kiss. now i'm falling asleep and she's calling a cab. while he's having a smoke and she's taking a drag. now they're going to bed and my stomach is sick and it's all in my head but she's touching his...chest now, he takes off her dress now...let me go.....i just can't look it's killing me and taking control..." -the killers



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