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06-02-2005 - 10:16

a bit slow on the updating. i blame it on sleeping on my floor in my living room.

maintenance update: guy got paint on the floor...carpet cleaners must come back on wednesday. wednesday will be one day short of two weeks that this thing has been going on. my mattress is finally clean and dry, so as of last night i've started sleeping on it again. but, it is in my living room. which takes up a lot of room.

the other night..actually morning on my way out of work there was this amazing snow. it's like it wasn't even there. you couldn't see it or feel it. you could only tell it was there when looking towards lights. then it looked like fog from a distance. close up looking towards a light it looked like glitter raining down.

anyways. i think this whole maintenance incident has worn me out. i just have less energy.

i've had a weird weekend too. and it's not over yet. i'm meeting up with emi for my japanese learning from 9-11 tonight in ann arbor. sometime before that i'm visiting my grandparents and getting sushi.

i also just opened my phone and noticed that jeff 2 called last night/this morning and didn't leave a message. he did call at almost 3am though. accidental phone calling? or intentional and hanging up after no one picks up right away because they may be sleeping?

who knows.

"i've got no place to go. nowhere i should be. if i knock on your door. will you come along with me?" -saint arrow (from the book hokkaido popsicle)



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