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17-02-2005 - 05:33

i have a million things that happen every day that i say to myself that i want to put in here...and then when i get around to it...i can't remember any of them...

i did finally start listening to music when falling asleep again. i noticed that when i do this i sleep better and have more energy when i wake up. it's great.

oh. on my drive home from class this week, i drove through a lake. yeah. it made it into the news and everything. major flood on m-10. covered about a quarter mile. water took up all lanes. came up just past the bottom of my door in the saturn. thought for sure the car would stall...but it didn't. i tried to drive fast and in the wake of a much larger vehicle. it didn't help, but made me feel happier about all of it.

"fuck if i don't know why i keep not drinking. i mean, apart from the ovbious fact that i'm fiscally bound to sobriety." another catchy chiv quote

well. the other day i went grocery shopping for staple items: milk, eggs, maple syrup, etc. well, upon my return home i was putting away the groceries and discovered that i have something like 6 kinds of cheese in my fridge, 1 bottle of champagne, 4 pints of boddingtons, 1 half filled bottle of raspberry sake, some gin, some triple sec, some scotch, a bottle of ginger ale, and two smaller bottles of tonic. makes me wonder what people would think if they just looked in.

i'm not sick of being single. bored actually. i'm not sure if it's my boredom, or the badgering of my family, or what, but i think i actually have to do something to remedy this.

it's snowing right now. snowing in these insanely fluffly massive clumps. floating down and plunking right into my eyes. nothing like blinding clumps of frozen water trying to take out your eye...

a lot has happened lately. ryan had surgery (that went well). my sister changed her phone number to stop her ex from constantly phoning her. my grandfather has had an awful cough for almost two weeks. my grandmother is doing well and is getting along with her hospice nurses. i've slipped on ice twice in the past week, both times clipping an appendage (knee once, elbow once) on my work vehicle. i've just started reading the latest isaac adamson book and i'm loving it like all of the previous ones. finally...i ended up buying a dvd with the first three episodes of the jackie chan adventures show just so i can hear the ending song that no one seems to know the words for...

i've also been on this science of defects theory. i think that no one wants someone perfect. dating, friend, anything. everyone needs defects in's just matching compatible defects amongst people. people hate perfection. it's boring. and it makes you realize how imperfect you are.

well, enough ranting. only a bit more of work before i can head home...

"i don't know about myself. i don't know your feelings. i don't know what i should do. i don't know anything at all..." -the pillows



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