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02-03-2005 - 05:28

ok. i think i've messed things up. i was hanging out with bill yesterday (as friends) and there was a point in time before he went home that he said that he really wanted to kiss me.

additional information: ok. bill and i had both been complaining that there's nothing much to do after hours on weekdays. so, we decided to hang out yesterday. went out to the sushi place that i love and sat around watching a movie (hellboy...a non-date movie). so, as much fun as it is hanging out with bill, i could never get involved with him because i was sleeping (no sex, just sleeping...and making out with) his brother jeff. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! why does my life seem like some bad article in some bad teen magazine? and i wasn't being extra flirty or anything with bill. just my normal self. i just think it's weird that we even talked about jeff and bill still seemed interested. weird.


well, i made a late night/early morning meijers run tonight. ended up buying a blueberry plant, a logan berry plant, and a grape plant. they were cheap and i figured i might as well try them out. also ended up buying snacks.

my father also finished my taxes for me. looks like i'm going to get over a thousand back. i've already treated myself to a nagoya obi and other kimono accessories.

i'm amazed lately by how little people know about history and/or current events. amongst my co-workers, only one person knew who the leader of north korea was (kim jung/jong il). and, what amazed me even more was that almost no one knew who the btk killer was. a couple of them said they remembered something about him, but that was it. at least one person didn't even know that james k polk was a u.s. president (i believe his middle initial was a k).

there was yet another "blizzard" over the past few days. there was about 3 inches that i cleared from my car, and because of the wind blowing the snow all about, there was about a foot of snow blocking my drivers side door. the snow actually came up to the top of my boots (which are pretty high) and i had to kick snow away just to open the door.

i also have had a first this week. for the first time ever, i took something to a dry cleaners. the staff of the dry cleaners didn't have the best english (speaking what i believe was russian) and we had a bit of difficulty addressing the fact that i needed two kimono's and an obi cleaned. finally the girl just wrote up the kimono's as long dresses...which i guess they kind of are. it's just funny taking in huge masses of fabric. i think the obi is somewhere around 13 feet long.

oh. and just under my eye is almost completely better. i didn't put in here earlier, but i nearly lost my eye to a cheese stick incident. i was frying cheese sticks and (oddly enough i usually wear chem goggles when i cook things like that) when a spatter of hot oil landed just under my left eye. ended up with a blister and pain and everything. but, it's almost completely better and it doesn't look like it's going to scar. just one more odd story in the life of jim. "how did you do that?" "well, i was attacked by some oil that was fleeing a cheese stick invasion..."

oh. and i appear to have night time bathroom ants. yeah. can't figure out where they're coming from or why, but some nights from about 7PM to 7AM, these ants appear in my bathroom. they don't leave. they don't appear to come from anywhere. they just hang out in my bathroom all night.

my japanese is coming along slowly but well. i always get so excited when i'm watching or listening to something and i know what they're saying or can catch part of what they're saying. japanese is so fun. i can't wait to be able to converse in it and listen to anime and not have to read all of the subtitles. what really proved to me that i'm making progress is that i sometimes dream in japanese, and i've used some japanese words where i use them properly, but actually have to try to figure out how to explain them to someone else in english. it's great. it also keeps me motivated. makes me feel less like i'm standing still.

i need change right now. i think that things around me have gotten too serious and i feel that i'm making myself miss out on fun. i also need to start dating someone fun. going out of the ann arbor/novi area. actually doing things. i keep saying this, but then again, i keep moving closer to that goal. so, i guess i'll keep saying it till it happens...

"it's not enough to hear me say you've won, you only wanted me for having fun. but now i think you've gone and had your way, and left me with a pile of bills to pay. i can't even rewind the tape machine, to listen to your drunken reasoning. so here it is, your final goodnight, goodnight. you're embarassing me, you're embarassing you. so goodnight, goodnight. walk away from the door, walk away from my life, so goodnight. i've given up on the social nights at ease. i threw 'em out when i threw out your keys. along with all your records i can't stand, you never even listened to any one of them. you're never gonna drag me out again, with all the people that were never ever even your friends. so here it is, your final goodnight, goodnight. you're embarassing me, you're embarassing you. so goodnight, goodnight. walk away from the door, walk away from my life, so goodnight..." -hot hot heat



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