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11-03-2005 - 04:28


i recently purchased a blueberry plant, a black raspberry plant, and a grape vine. all from meijers. the vine is growing like mad. they're currently indoors...but i hope to move them outside if/when it ever gets warm. right now it's a snowy snowy blizzard outside.

my grandmother isn't doing well. she's in a better mood lately. happy and everything...but she's losing energy and weight fast. there's also a good chance the cancers gotten to her brain. appearently sudden strange eatting urges are a sign of that. she's eatting cereal, cream cheese, and drinking coffee. things she's never liked.

i guess i'm back to kinda hanging out with jeff 1 again. it's weird. he says the complete wrong things at the complete wrong times...but sometimes he will also say or do something completely right. i'm also supposed to get coffee with jacob (a u of m grad student from nyc) and maybe erik.

busy with visiting and cleaning things over at my grandparents place. busy with putting off my midterm paper. and busy with attempting to learn how to tie my obi. my first attempt tonight crashed and burned.

not much else to put in here. i've been slacking. ryan has cancer too. luckily his is an easily treatable version and he caught it early. it looks as if my sister isn't doing too well in her two classes and may not graduate. joe and aimee are moving apart. they're still dating, but joe's moving into his sister's place. on the plus side...ryan recovered/is recovering from surgery faster than anyone i know of. he's almost healed and i think it's been like two weeks. i cut my finger cooking sunday and it's still not healed.

"who's got the action? who'll take a chance on love? who's got a kiss for me? give me one and you'll get back three." -dean martin



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