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21-03-2005 - 03:21

it's past 2am and i still haven't done my laundry. tonight beckie and i went out. ate at bw3's and then saw the ring 2. good night. i really liked the movie. creepy and all. that and my weird thing about creepy japanese ghosts/zombies/demons.

i wonder if movie theathers are kept colder for creepy movies. or it there's just some sort of physiological (is that the word i'm looking for?) thing where your body temp lowers or some such....

beckie's single again. so am i. we were talking tonight about having a girls night out kinda thing. group of girls. straight club. tasty drinks. our current goal is mid-april. (work and holidays coming up.)

right now i'm tired of school related things. lack of sleep. too lazy to put the kettle on. too lazy to clean up my apartment. i really need to shower and eat. but instead of doing that, i'm watching some strange movie with cameron diez and keanu reeves ( likely spelled wrong). i'm soooo cold right now. heats up. i'm wearing warm clothes.

aaaahhh! spider in my room. on the ledge. just sprayed it with spider killer. huge spider. on the blinds. not an easy spot to kill it just by flailing a shoe or something at it. since i sprayed it, it hasn't crept over the i guess i'm ok.

"i'm tired for walking. at night, looking for a hidden place to sleep. making love wears me down to nothing, how the heart hurts. losing it now but...moon, go around. it's not that i want it all. at the fast-flowing pool, if i beg for love the sky would throw me away. laughing i trip someone, keep rubbing the bruise. the bruise hasn't healed. i will make love with you. it just spills like sand. only the dawn is blue...moon, go around. we have come with our thirst. if this time, we are broken, our burning thoughts...will we be able to see stars in the sky?" -t.m.revolution (translated)

"aruki tsukarete kakurega no yoru ni nemereru basho wo sagashiteiru. kasane aeba kami no yooni surikire itamushika nai kokoro nante. ima wa ushinattemo...tsuki yo maware subete ga hoshii wakejya nainda hizamazuita nagare no fuchi de ai wo koeba kono sora ga boku wo suteruyo. warai nagara dareka tsukitobashite kizu ni kizu wo nasuri tsuzukete. fusagaranaito anata wo dakukedo suna no yooni koboreteku dake. yoake dake ga aoku...tsuki yo maware kawaki to tomoni bokura wa kitanda yabure kaketa hageshii omoi ga jidai naraba sono sora ni hoshi wa mieruno?" -t.m.revolution



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