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15-04-2005 - 08:29

with the bad is always good. the fbi sent me a packet in the mail. i have to take an exam in may. things are moving...changing.

i've also decided that i need to start carrying a photo of my grape vine around. that way, when people start talking about their pets...i'll pull out my photo and start talking about erwin. (yes, i have named my grape vine.) "you'll never believe what erwin did the other day. he actually started leaning a bit to the right. and the way his leaves curl! he's just sooooooooo cute!" i might have to do the same when people talk about their kids. bad thing is that i've not been sleeping well lately. nightmares. all the time. this always happens when someone i know of is about to die, and/or shortly after someone i know of has died. i end up waking up almost every half hour/hour. strange dreams. i kind of wanted jeff to come over this morning. it's one of those things where i know i could get some decent sleep if i wasn't sleeping alone. these dreams are kind of similar to the ones i had after mark died. zombies. people getting eatten by komodo dragons and raptors that can become invisible. hmmm...i wonder if this is a sign that i watch too much sci-fi. these dreams are always worse when i know someone is going to die. usually after someone dies, they only last for about a week or two. i guess i just have a weird way of dealing with these things.

one good thing is that i have a busy fun filled weekend ahead of me. i'm stopping at the mall today (to look into getting some more of my lip which ryan always thinks is funny that i'm so cheap about most things yet purchase department store lip gloss). then sushi with my mother. visiting my grandparents. seeing sin city with beckie. then out to the bar. tomorrow will be sleeping in a bit. visiting grandparents. having aimee visit. then going out with beckie and susan and whom ever else comes along/meets up with us at which ever club we end up at. then sunday...sleeping in a bit. visiting grandparents. japanese tutoring with emi in ann arbor. i also have monday i'll likely do my school stuff. visit grandparents. and then get coffee with seiko (japanese guy living in the springs apartments that i just recently started talking to).

"...the party's got out of hand. it's become like the last days of gommorah..." -gorillaz "interview"

"you've got a new horizon it's ephermal style. a melancholy town where we never smile and all i wanna hear is the message beep. my dreams, they've got to kiss, because i don't get sleep, no....windmill, windmill, for the land. learn forever hand in hand. take it all in on your stride. it is sticking, falling down. love forever, love is free. let's turn forever you and me. windmill, windmill, for the land. is everybody in?..." -gorillaz



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