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27-04-2005 - 05:03

lots of things. i'm currently watching this show called "intervention". it's about people with addictions and getting them help. it keeps making me wonder how long it will be before we have to do something like that for christina. it's bad, because i worry about the day she gets her drivers license back. not just her hurting herself, but also the chance of her hurting someone else.

it's raining again. the past week or so seems to have gone by so fast, and yet gone on forever. i'm not sure if i mentioned it, but i helped christina finish up her paper. i've also cleaned up a lot of my apartment. it's still not clean, but it's a lot better. my grandfather gave me a lot of things that belonged to my grandmother...not i'm just fitting those things into place over here. i'm a bit worried about getting her kimono dry cleaned.

tokyo suckerpunch i see is going to be made into a movie. ryan emailed me the info just minutes after i read it on the website. and toby m. is going to be billy chaka. toby is sooooo unconventionally good looking. it also makes me want to go to japan even more. everyone doubts that i'm going to go. the only thing holding me back before was my grandmother being ill. i think i'll be ready to go in the fall.

i'm thinking my japan trip will be two weeks. one week in tokyo. one week in kyoto. right now i'm looking into late september.

well, guess that's all for now. brain's lagging...have to save brain power for working on my final paper.

"i've got another confession to make. i'm your fool. everyone's got their chains to break. holding you. were you born to resist or be abused? someone getting the best of you? is someone getting the best of you? has someone taken your faith? it's real, the pain you feel. your trust, you must confess. is someone getting the best of you?" -foo fighters



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