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10-05-2005 - 04:18

so. i got my grade in my class back. 4.0. so now my overall is a 3.91. my plan is to build up my gpa before my statics class. math isn't really my friend, and this way it can't knock it down that far.

my sister walked the other day. we're still not sure if she actually graduated though. she doesn't have her grades in yet, so she may not have. the bad thing is that while walking to the building for her graduation, my grandfather tripped on a chunk of missing pavement and fell. turns out he broke two ribs. he's doing ok, just in some pain. i'm meeting up with seiko for dinner tomorrow at 6pm, so i plan on visiting with my grandfather before that and making him dinner again.

i've also got someone hooked on the billy chaka series that i haven't even met yet. i meet up with ryan on sunday. he knows someone i know and he tracked me down on that friendster thing. (seiko tracked me down on orkut if i recall correctly). anyways, i had mentioned the book to him and he went out and got it yesterday. says he's already hooked.

oh. mothers day. my sister didn't even stay at my parents for it. the plans were for her to stay and for my parents to drive her home later that night. but, she didn't. she didn't even sign her own mothers day card. i had to sign it for her. ended up getting my mother two asian print plates and some cooking marinades for their new grill. once again, gifts were from both myself and my sister even though she had no part in paying, deciding, or getting them.

i have my civil service exam for the fbi coming up wednesday morning. i have to be in detroit early. the exam starts at 8am. not a fun time for someone who works midnights.

austin called me this past weekend. just wanted so see how i was doing and if i was ok. he really is one of the nicest guys i know. what's funny is that i was actually thinking of him and his girlfriend rachael during the week. cartoon network is re-playing case closed (the american name for the series) and i was thinking that austin looks a bit like a more asian version of the main character jimmy (before he gets turned into a kid) and that rachael reminds me a bit of the main girl in the series also named rachael (just that the real rachael has shorter hair and isn't a karate champ). that thought spun out of the thought that somone had asked me what i was planning for a halloween costume this year (yeah, it's early. no, i hadn't thought of it yet). then we got into a conversation about group costumes because jay and i kind of had one this past year with the robin and starfire. i wonder if austin and rachael would go for that...austin might, but i'm not sure if rachael would since not many people would recognize the costumes. i also think i need to convince two of my guy friends to go as the blues brother.

hmmm...that was a long tangent.

well. i'm a bit sad still about my grandmother. she never got to find out if christina graduated or not. for the most part, i'm fine with things. i mainly just think about things we all did together. my weak point is usually when i'm driving. driving home from work. mind numbingly tired. i always seem to do my best thinking while driving. my method for dealing with any extreme emotional situation is to block it out and deal with it in small, easy to manage chunks.

bah. i messed up my toe. hurts a bit. at least it's not bleeding...yet.

think i'm going to eat something and sleep for a bit. i am happy that things are starting to get moving in the right direction...

"i believe i can see the future. 'cause i repeat the same routine. i think i used to have a purpose. but then again, that might have been a dream...every day is exactly the same. every day is exactly the same. there is no love here and there is no pain. every day is exactly the same..." -nin



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