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18-05-2005 - 07:41

ah. so many good things going on. i do wish my grandmother was around to hear about some of it.

i took the special agent exam for the fbi last wednesday. they told us that they didn't know when we'd get our results. after taking the exam, i thought that the results didn't really matter and that it was just an excuse for them to weed out the people they didn't like right off. well, i'm starting to wonder if that was correct because i some how managed to pass that exam even with it's mass quantity of math. there's no way i even remotely passed the math part...

also, i'm trying to figure out when i suddenly became so popular. my days off lately have been completely action packed.

today i'm meeting up with seiko in ann arbor for dinner at 6:30pm. at 9pm i'm meeting up with a bunch of people from work at fridays (also in ann arbor). on thursday i'm finally buying my grandfather an answering machine, visiting him, and setting it up for him. later on ninja boy is visiting.

in addition to this, jacob is coming back from california this weekend. i work this weekend, but he wants to hang out on my days off. then there's matt. the guy i met at the party saturday night. he suggested that we do something sometime soon. he's actually going to call me back when he gets out of work.

so, the list of straight guys that are currently sharing my days off or would like to are:
valet jeff
jacob the musician
ninja ryan
seiko the japanese guy in novi
matt the art teacher

when did my life get so strange?

well, valet jeff seems to be drifting out of my favour. the jacob situation i believe has downgraded to friends. as of now, seiko is just a new friend who lives in the novi area. i don't really know matt, but he is cute and has pretty hair. then there's ryan. i don't really know him either, but we do seem to get along quite well. we also have a lot in common. that and i appreciate a guy who listens to a lot of the same music as me and drives a manuel trans. vehicle. (that does cover both jeff and ryan though).

oh. i did manage to slice my index finger on my left hand open yesterday (monday) at work. i'm drifting between days now, but on monday i sliced it open on the edge of a metal safe. not fun. it also makes it a bit more difficult to type...

"everybody's going to the party have a real good time. dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine..." -system of a down



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