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07-07-2005 - 04:34

it's been quite some time...

my father's had surgery on his hand. my uncle almost died and was hospitalized. my sister still hasn't found a job or to my knowledge put in any applications anywhere...but i guess she's looking into getting a job at the mall. seiko's turning almost stalker like.

here's some lines from some of his emails...and mind you, i never dated the guy and in fact i've been kind of seeing the ninja...

"Can't we meet anymore? Did you start learning Hopkido? I swear I will make
you so happy, so please keep dating me. I need you..."

"How are you doing? I still see your photos on my cell phone that I took when we hanged out. You are really beautiful! I am still wondering if we can meet again. Please let me know how you are doing. Why are you so beautiful? Your hair looks wonderful. I just want to see you soon. Take care."

"Can we meet next week? There is a reason that I have to meet you... I just want to make you so happy. Please arrange your schedule for me. Look
forward to meeting you again."

"I said that I would give you a phone call again tonight, but I just thought
it could be too late to give you a call because you are at your parents'
home now. I don't want you to be mad at me because of my phone call. So, I
just send you an E-mail to keep in touch with you. I just miss you so much
and just want to see your beautiful smile again... Hopefully see you

so, things went from japanese tutor where he never taught me any japanese, to going out to dinner, but taking turns paying as a friend thing, to this...

i'm also not sure how much about the ninja i've put in here. interesting irish ninja boy. he's met my parents twice now and was over on the 4th of july. we get along well. on my day off yesterday (actually the night before that), he worked all day, got out of work, and came over to my place to cook me dinner. he's comfortable. we have the same bad habits. teeth grinding in our sleep and such. he kills spiders for me. i'm actually willing to get up at mind numbingly early hours of the day to see him out the door when he leaves for work in the morning. i've even stayed at his place quite a few times...just not lately because of his lack of ac. we also talk on the phone a lot. i usually phone him shortly after he leaves my place to let him know he forgot something. he usually phones me at 3:30PM to make sure i'm up for work. he then phones me usually around the time i start work. i then phone him during his around 8PM break. he then phones me around 9PM when he gets out of work, and then maybe once or twice before he goes to bed...and he also brings me milkshakes at work all the time. tasty expensive ones from pizza house. strawberry-chocolate ones. we also seem to have the habit of calling at the same time when one of us has the day off and we're just randoming calling. then we connect to each others voice mails while the incoming call rings in. things are going poorly for a lot of my friends and family members and he just makes me feel better about everything. after telling him about having a bad day a while back and one of my co-workers giving me a fruit cup and that making it better, he brought me fruit cups at work last week when i'd had a bad day. he freaked out the other day when i'd woke up quite a while before him and had breakfast ready when he woke up. japanese food. he acted like it was the greatest thing anyone had ever done for him. he makes little things seem important.

...and this is an uber long entry, but then again, i've not updated in quite some time...

my plans for this weekend. gathering on friday. hopefully late night outting with ryan. then i hope to hang out with ryan on saturday and visiting my grandfather. then berry picking in grass lake with the ninja and maybe visiting my parents for dinner. it's too bad more of my friends don't post their stuff on dland. a lot of links are blocked by the computers at my work place and i can't read them. bleah.

"well i know i miss more than hit, with a face that was launched to sink. an' i seldom feel the bright's been the worst day since yesterday. if there's one thing i have said, is that the dreams i once had now lay in bed. as the four winds blow my wits through the's been the worst day since yesterday. fallin' down to you sweet ground, where the flowers they bloom, it's there i'll be found. hurry back to me, my wild's been the worst day since yesterday. though these wounds have seen no wars, except for the scars i have ignored. and this endless crutch, it's never enough, it's been the worst day since yesterday..." -flogging molly



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