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06-08-2005 - 13:07

my grandmothers ashes are now back at home and residing in a silver and inlaid shell urn. it's strange knowing that someones physical body can be reduced down to such a small size.

also, one of the people in my department at work (one of the higher ups) died the other night. anyerism (spelled wrong). kind of a muted mood everywhere.

on a happier note...

i've gotten a bit better at tieing my obi. i did get a new kimono for really cheap. it's a beautiful blue colour with some scattered white with red center, sakura blossoms on it. the ninja said that he's going to take me out sometime soon and i can wear my kimono. i love kimonos. layers of pretty fabrics intricately assembled.

anyways...things seem to be going well with the ninja. we had what i guess one would label a fight the other day. pretty much through email. appearently he was/is very sensitive about things when i'm around. and things i said in jest or in harmless teasing, he took badly. but, that night he came out and i called him out on it...we talked...and things seem to be better.

my sister is drinking again. her cat was infested with fleas. my parents took her to a vet and they had to give her stuff. my sister is now a sort of live-in sitter for my cousin and her husbands baby. seems weird.

"so here we are reinventing the wheel. i'm shaking hands with a hurricane. it's a colour that i can't describe. it's a languuage i can't understand. ambition, tearing out the heart of you. carving lines into you. dripping down the sides of you..." -bloc party



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