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14-09-2005 - 05:27


i was thinking tonight that 1. i do like the ninja. and 2. i do miss even vaguely dating someone who can afford to go out every once and a while. is this the point where i start getting bored? no...i'm not bored with the ninja...just slightly annoyed and mainly circumstantially annoyed.

i have testing for my next belt in hapkido next month. bleah. anyways...martial arts was always on my list of things to long as it wasn't tae kwon do (or however it's spelled).

i am currently watching some movie with g. paltrow where she's british. don't know the name of's something about what a difference a split second can make. girl makes a train home. girl misses the train. things changing vastly at what seems like small insignificant moments in time.

all of this makes me think that i would love nothing more than to date a hot guy who, when i'm having a bad day, would be more than willing to dress up a bit...take me out, and get completely soused and somehow get me back home. possibly picking up some fruit punch flavoured gatorade on the way home.

people keep trying to set me up with people when i'm kinda dating the ninja. i wonder if that's a sign. i hope not. even gordon phoned me the other day and wants me to meet a friend of his.

eh. this movie is making me want to meet hot british guys. too bad i'm in the entirely wrong country for this sort of thing.

i have been thinking that it's almost exactly 6 months since when my grandmother died. the weekend that i met the ninja was the same weekend that i met matt. i almost didn't go out that weekend at all. i went out because i needed some cheering up. after that, i didn't go out too much until after my grandmother died. i was thinking about the order of things. i kept thinking that i'd stopped seeing jeff before meeting the ninja, but looking back on it...i really hadn't. i was no longer seeing jeff, but he did come over the morning my grandmother died.

on a happier note. i've decided that i'm going to survive class this semester. i've met a lot of new people and there's two girls in my class that i know, so i think i'll get through it. maybe i won't even drop my gpa too far. i'd still like to keep it above 3.5...i wonder what i have to get in class to keep a 3.91 from dropping below 3.5...i'm sure i could figure it out with a bit of math, but i'm leaving all of that for school.

oh. i had also dislocated (quite badly i might add) my finger at work a few weeks back. one of the joints keeps klicking, but it's working properly and no pain. awful noise though when the doctor popped the other joint back. i was able to get one of them...but didn't even realize the other one was off. i just fixed the one that made my finger look sideways. i'm just happy it wasn't broken.

i'm also rambling. that and i just ate a whole massive helping of corned beef hash all fried up and smothered in ketcup. makes me think of the ninja.


i may have already used this one...but it's a favourite...

"my love, she throws me like a rubber ball. oh, the sweetest thing. but she won't catch me or break my fall. oh, the sweetest thing. baby's got blue skies up ahead, but in this i'm a rain cloud. you know she want a dry kind of love. oh, the sweetest thing. i'm losin' you. i'm losin' you. ain't love the sweetest thing? i wanted to run, but she made me crawl. oh, the sweetest thing. eternal fire, she turned me to straw. oh, the sweetest thing. i know i got black eyes but they burn so brightly for her. i guess it's a blind kind of love. oh, the sweetest thing. i'm losin' you. i'm losin' you. ain't love the sweetest thing? ain't love the sweetest thing? blue eyed by meets a brown eyed girl. oh, the sweetest thing. you can sew it up, but you still see the tear. oh, the sweetest thing. baby's got blue skies up ahead, but in this i'm a rain cloud. ours is a stormy kind of love. oh, the sweetest thing." -u2



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