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27-02-2006 - 21:59

so...i just completely obliterated the roof of my mouth. had pizza delivered to my place. so hungry, i didn't wait for it to cool down. yep. 26 years and i still haven't learned.

one thing i have learned though, is that while the larger city of novi pretty much closes at 10pm...the much smaller city of wixom has a bunch of delivery place till 11pm or midnight. that and the pizza place that's on 10 mile road near beck won't deliver to my place, but pizza places further away will. they only deliver up to my road...not on my road.

i haven't slept yet. been up forever. i was going to nap before class today, but figured i'd not wake up in time for class if i did. now i think i'm too tired to sleep...

it's only been days since i last talked to the ninja. it already seems like a long time. the whole thing just confuses me. i thought things were starting to go really well right up until the end. i also know it sounds kind of bad, but i really do want to continue dating him. so, i guess i just have to find a way to get him back, have both of us happy, but not just stew on the situation. i really have a lot of other things to do as well.

guess that's it for now. just getting back in the habit of posting...

"...mebaete to kanjou kitte kuyan de shosen tada bonyou shitte naite. kusatta kokoro o. usugitanai uso o. keshite riraito shite. kudaranai chou gensou. wasurarenu sonzai kan o. kishikaisei. riraito shite. imi no nai mousou mo. kimi o nasu dendouryoku. zenshin zenrei o kure yo." -asian kung fu generation

"...after cutting my feeling that grew, i regret. after realizing that after all, i'm just a mediocrity, i cry. a depressed heart. a dirty lie. erase and rewrite. the pointless ultra-fantasy. revive. the unforgettable sense of being. rewrite. the meaningless imagination. the driving force that creates you. give it your whole body and soul." -asian kung fu generation



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