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02-03-2006 - 10:33

so my sister and her boyfriend just broke up today...this very morning in fact. they were living together in jackson. appearently gabe (the boyfriend), my sister, and gabe's best friend were at the apartment. they had never had someone stay the night before, but said friend was in town. christina ended up getting really drunk. and passed out on the bed in their bedroom. lights off. the friend then comes into the room and somehow i guess my sister in her drunken state thinks that guy in room is her boyfriend. goes down on this guy. gabe walks in. my sister realizes it's not gabe. pukes for about 45 minutes. gabe breaks up with her. she calls me at around 4am. i then become consuler for both parties. my sister still doesn't seem to think she has a drinking problem. and this was one of the few nice guys that she's dated. gabe has my number and said he would likely phone me later to talk. he's madly in love with christina, and christina said that she loved him. but i guess her drinking has been a problem. and now that my mother has picked her back up and she is now residing in brooklyn, she now says that she was bored with gabe. even called up another guy this morning to set up a date. so, my mother called me and wants me to talk to christina later. so, once again i'll have to be the go between with my parents and my sister. i do not enjoy this.

i did realize one thing though. i'm no longer nearly as sad about things with the ninja. you really can't help who you love. i guess the only way you can really know if you love someone is if you can be hurt by them, and still love them. to be willing to get nothing back and still have that feeling.

and what better topic to accompany love than death. i think i saw a dead guy in front of my apartment this morning on my way home from work. ice everywhere. i think a pedestrian was hit by a car that took off. about 20-30 feet into the grass, was a body on the ground. an ambulance and a fire truck were already there. from the time it took me to drive from beck...two more fire trucks pulled up. a supervisor either fire or ambulance vehicle pulled up, and a fire suv as well. (i had to stop for about 2 min for this.) i don't think they would have sent to much for someone who was alive. there also weren't any vehicles in the area stopped that could have hit the person (unless it was the firetruck...'cause the ambulance passed me). maybe i'll be bothered to check the news later.

and i must have been really sad. takkun called me today out of no where. said for some reason he felt he should call last night. he always seems to know when to call. and i guess i'll eventually get to meet his girlfriend julie. he want's to hang out soon.

during a random search of myspace while i was trying to stay awake at work...kyle's info popped up. he's just as insane as i remember him. i really would love to talk to him again. all dating interest is long gone. (ages ago, he broke up with me. then i met tim. and kyle tried to get me back, but tim won out.) i did have my most interesting date with him. driving out to arizona. going on that archaeological dig. staying at his mom's place in flagstaff while she was in michigan. amtracking it home. longest date i've ever had too.

on the topic of people i knew...a.j. emailed me today. now going by avram. lives far far away. and just bought a house yesterday. says he has some musical suggestions for me if i'm still into the same kinda stuff. a.j...the boy who introduced me to anime. akira. one thing i do find funny is that he ended up with an asian girlfriend. yoko. i'm glad to hear that someone made it out of brooklyn and is doing really really well...

i'm still ill. haven't slept for over 2 days. finally started eatting again this morning. i lost a lot of weight in one week. maybe that's why i feel colder lately. so tired i can't sleep. i do love that my friends have tried their best to help me with the whole ninja thing. it's nice to know that people are looking out for me.

a bit less than creative lately with the music. brain just can't seem to sort out the repeats. anyways...they happen to work the best for the times...

"i see you falling. how long to go...till you hit the ground. you keep on screaming. don't you see me i a ghost to you? now your grips too strong. can't catch love with a new or a gun. gotta keep faith that your path will change. gotta keep faith that your luck will change tomorrow. tomorrow. why are you phoning? what am i to do. when you're miles away. you're always calling...from the darkest moons, and we're both scared. now your grips too strong, can't catch love with a net or a gun. gotta keep faith that your path will change. gotta keep faith that your love will change. now your grips too strong. can't catch love with a net or a gun. gotta keep faith that your path will change. gotta keep faith that your love will change tomorrow..." -james



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