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03-03-2006 - 05:34

illness not going away. i don't want to take real i've decided on a scotch and ginger ale. it actually seems to be helping more than the meds.

i am wondering if maybe, just maybe, my really wanting the ninja to call me or email me, is the reason for the phone calls and emails all of the sudden from people i haven't talked to in many moons.

finally back to eatting normally again. the sleep's still off, but at least i'm back to being hungry pretty much all of the time.

my apartment's a mess right now. and the mystery bathroom ants are back. must be a yearly thing. and, same as before, there's only a few, they stay in the bathroom, and they're only seen from 7pm to 7am.

my mother asked me today (as well as a few days ago) if i was over the ninja yet. seems like an odd question to ask anyone who's been dating someone for any amount of time.

something else i find odd. the whole port issue of recent press. people are complaining about this new "security threat" and how the u.s. should control it's own ports...i wonder if they realized that there are already 14 ports under the control of foreign countries. 4 owned by china. or the fact that only approximatly 5% of the cargo is actually searched. anyway. that's my in the news rant for now. not sure why i'm annoyed.

ryan was telling me earlier that he had been at a coffee shop. had his laptop out. papers out. by himself. looking like he was all about getting something done. said that there was a couple there that started talking to him. liked his laptop. asked about his school. a bunch of questions. not being rude, but obviously preventing work from being done properly. i'm not sure why, but well, when he told me, i was amused.

my new question (something ryan and i were talking about today) is the following. would someone loose cool points if they had business cards with just their name and number or email address? example: a guy and a girl at a bar. they start talking. hit it off. go to exchange numbers. one writes their info down on a matchbook or their hand. the other just hands over a crisp calling card. ryan thinks that girls could get away with this more than guys. i kind of think the opposite. it's something that's peaked my interest.

instead of studying at all tonight, i've been reading through "tokyo suckerpunch" again. i love that book. the main character really reminds me of my friend troy. reminds me that sometimes you have go along for the ride just because you have to know.

"do you care what people say behind your back? do you ever worry about that?" "why would i? if someone's going to say something bad about you, they're gonna do it regardless of whether you care or worry."

not much to say right now. it's been one week. normally i'd be asleep right now. sleeping at the ninja's place. he would have taken a nap. i'd have come over after work. we'd talk for a bit. i'd take a shower. he'd put in a movie. and we'd fall asleep.

well, i'm off to get ready for bed. see if i can actually sleep...

"...i'm your late night head rush. ace high royal flush. red velvet orange crush. you just don't impress me much. a glossy double cover spread. opened up inside your head. a black cherry paradise. half the sugar, twice the spice. i don't wanna treat you nice, come on baby roll the dice..." -josie and the pussycats



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