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04-04-2006 - 01:33

"musician without a band, man without a woman, nothing without love..." an line from someone i once knew...

anyways. i slept like the dead for so long today that i was confused when i finally did wake up. i slept for just over 10 hours. probably would have slept for more, but was too hungry.

talking to someone today about guys approaching girls, and girls approaching guys. appearently guys seem to like being approached. so this got me on a track of thinking...(not in order, with many people missing)

the ninja approached me. found me online through a connection of a mutual friend that i have never met in person.
i approached kyle. i'd seen him around the dorm areas for a while. aimee and i were at luch one day and he was sitting across from us. aimee was afraid of meeting guys, and well...i love talking to strangers, so i told her it was easy to meet guys. so, on our way out, i walked over to him and started talking to him. gave him my name, but not where i lived. that evening, he showed up at my doorstep and i believe invited me out for a walk.
technically, i approached chris. aimee had a crush on orange bike guy. chris was orange bike guy's roommate. "hello. my name's jenn. are you and your roommate single?" "yes.....?" "well, my roommate has a crush on your roommate. how about we all go out tonight to the arcade or something?"
tim approached me. well, in a way. i met tim because he was steve's roommate. i believe i'd gone to a party at steve's and tim was there. i had talked to tim, but had no interest in dating him. punk-rock kid with dreds. a few days later, steve invited me over to watch some movies with a few others. really, it was the only way tim could get me to come over there. he'd cut his dreds off to try and get me to go out on a date with him. and our first date was going out for soup.

my god. wonderbread once again has televison commercials.

jarhead's out on dvd. i kind of want to see it. i was supposed to see it with someone, but it just never happened.

currently watching underworld. with television edit. i'm not actually sure if there's any edit, but i assume that for any newer movie, there is some sort of television editing. never seen this movie before. was going to watch it, but the disc skipped so badly, i only caught the first 15 min or so of it.

things i miss...
the ninja
getting a plastic or metal surprise out of my cracker jacks.
banana flavoured 7-11 slushies.
sitting on the hammock in the fog drinking coffee.
mission hill being played more often.
being out in the sun.
the la femme nikita televison series.
the green tea ice cream from shop next to quest martial arts.

"i've got the understanding of a four year old. i've got the piece of mind of a killer's soul. i've got the rationale of a new york cop. i've got the patience of a chopping block. i've got the accumen of a seasoned pro. i've got the legacy of a billion souls. i've the world down my back, but i don't seem to care. i've got the comprehension of a world unaware. can't you. can't you trip like i do?...laid out on my back, i can't sleep 'cause i'm slumming. eyes in my teeth, i can't see 'cause i'm eating. head full of noise, i can't think 'cause it's crushing. back on my feet, like a freight train i'm coming." -filter/the crystal method



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