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09-03-2006 - 10:37

well, it didn't take being single for long for the wiles to come back. yesterday, after my midterm, i took the battery of the fiero in to an autoparts store. (i'd left the lights on and the battery had died). i likely could have just gotten a jump-start, but i didn't have any cables. so, i took it in. usually they can re-charge one in about an hour. well, the guy there said that he didn't know if he'd be able to charge it by the time they closed, so even though there was no warrenty on the battery, and i'd already had it for some time, the guy and his manager decided to swap it out for a new one free of charge. better yet...the new battery was a little cheaper (exact same type/company) than the old one, so they even threw in some free oil.

i then proceeded to buy myself an entire bucket of chicken from kfc. actually, they no longer seem to serve them in buckets. instead they are served in large folded boxes.

i had this really amazing dream last night/this morning. i had been awake for well over 30 hours when i finally crashed. this dream left me with this warm fuzzy feeling. the feeling lingered well into my waking hours even after the realities came back into focus. in my dream, i was coming back to my apartment from somewhere. it was night time. i was expecting people over later that night. and while unlocking the front door, i heard someone behind me. turned out it was the ninja. he'd showed up because he knew i really wanted to talk with him. so, i invited him in. we ended up drink green tea and talking while sitting on the floor of my apartment. he told me that he was happier, but that he missed me. said that it wasn't me. that he was just feeling claustrophobic (not spelled right) in his life and he needed to deal with other things before he could do much of anything. told me that it's not over, that things just have to restart. then he walked up, kissed me on the forehead, and said that he would try calling more often to keep me updated. walked out, turned around, and asked if i wanted to catch a movie later that week. said that a bunch of his friends were going to see it and that he would like it if i came along.

maybe parts of it are true. maybe none of it. maybe my brain is just creating something to bring me out of this mood i've been in since i last saw the ninja.

i had fallen asleep in the dress i was wearing for my exam. there's an odd feeling, (for lack of a better description, it makes one feel pretty) to wake up in a dress after accidentally falling asleep in one...

i'm up so early today that i really don't know what to do with myself. i don't feel like cleaning, but i should. i need to do some more work on the fiero. i had phoned my apartment staff and told them that the battery had died last week, and that i wouldn't be able to get a new one till the end of this week (after my exam) and they slapped a tow sticker on it yesterday. said that it hasn't been moved. well, i know it hadn't been moved for about a week. there was no working battery in it. i had prior to that, moved it, but i seem to keep ending up with the same two parking spaced available near my apartment for it. and they happen to be right next to each other, so i guess i likely looks like i haven't moved it much for months. it was quite a few months ago when i had the exact same problem (kept moving the car, but kept ending up in the same two spots next to each other) but almost directly across on the "far" side of the lot. i think i might stop at the mall and get a new pair of jeans. my old ones ripped at the knee the day before the whole ninja break up.

i need to start packing for vegas. i need a suitcase to pack things in. i need to go somewhere where no one will ask me about the ninja. i need to party like a rock star. to get back to where i was before my grandmother got really ill. i was just starting to get back on track from that when the ninja broke up with me. i still can't believe that i've cried more over the ninja than anything else in my life that i can recall.

i am feeling great about myself though. talked to a guy in my class before the exam. (usually everyone kinda keeps to themselves). the conversation starter was the mini muffins i was eatting. now that i've started getting sleep, i no longer look like the living dead. i'm back to the random people talking to me in weird places. strangers talking to me at the gas pumps. stop lights. random women walking by and telling me and asking where i got my outfit from. i've also had a noticeable number of asian guys who are really frat boy like (steriotypical type) ask me out in the past couple of days. do i really come across as the type of girl who goes for the uber frat boys? asian uber frat boys? i'm talking about the gold chain, sports team jersery wearing, kind of guys? maybe i do. who knows. only time and trends will tell.

anyway. i miss the ninja. i miss him more every day. i miss him when guys hit on me. i also remember when i talked to the ninja after the night out with the dentist and telling him how i was really happy that i was dating him instead of anyone remotely like them...

"...we make plans for big times. get bogged down, distracted. we make plans for good times. all neon, all surface. so kiss me before it all gets complicated..." -bloc party



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