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23-03-2006 - 04:39

well, tonight i went to see "v for vendeta" in ypsi with brian and brent. then to the diner. i really liked the movie, and i'm kind of glad that i saw the movie before reading the graphic novel. i did feel ill the entire time, but it was worth it. had fun. good movie. good company. good times.

well. i guess it's time to post some info on vegas.
vegas was great. amazing. ummm...we stayed at the stratosphere. room 3.20.10. two beds and a cot bed. contents of the room...beckie, jackie, jackie's cousin mark, and myself.

attempts to remember things in some sort of order...

ummm...can't do that. anyways. one night we went out to the ghost bar. crowded and interesting place. while there i had met a guy and was talking to him out on the balcony. then mark came out there and joined in the, i slipped out the "back" and left them talking. the guy was in the c.i.a. an accountant if i recall correctly. then later on that night while still at the club, a random russian guy was hitting on me. and the guy would not take a hint. it was a bit annoying. i think my favourite part of the ghost bar experience was after most of the crowd had left and i was sitting on the balcony looking at the lights over vegas. i think that afterwards was when mark and i decided that after getting back to our hotel, we didn't want to go to bed quite yet. we ended up going to one of the bars that was still open on the casino floor and drinking. had quite a few drinks, and a shot of extremely smooth tequila (and i was only charged for two drinks even though i'd "bought" the shots for mark, myself, and the two guys we met at the end of the bar). we didn't get in till late...or early depending on how you look at it.

then there was st. patrick's night. that was a tad dissapointing. our original plan was to bar hop all night down the strip. we started out at a bar that wasn't that interesting called the beach. talked to some strange but nice guys there, and ended up leaving. we then ended up at a club that let women in for free called risque. once we got there i knew that beckie and jackie weren't going to want to leave. i ended up getting groped by drunk guys. had a guy follow me around and even into the womens bathroom. the bathroom attendant had to litterally beat him out of there with a handfull of paper towels. i did have a bit of fun that night after stepping out into the casino for a bit and meeting new people. i ended up going back after a bit and spent the entire night wishing i was just about anywhere else. the only good thing was that at least beckie and jackie both met guys there.

there were some other nights too in there, but i can't recall most of them right now. (feeling rather ill)

i can say that the best night was our last night in vegas. we ended up going out to the main club in ceasers palace. the line was insanely long, so after much pondering, we decided to go else where. i think we ended up flipping a penny to decide leaving. on our way out, some guy walks up behind me and touches my back (beckies term for it was a caress). the guy asked us if we were going out and where and such. his name was sergio (yeah...another russian guy). he gave us his card and told us that he worked for the club lite just across the street and that we should go. said that with the card we could skip the line, get in for free, and get free champagne at the bar when we got in. well, that all worked out well, but they were going to charge mark $30 to get in. we all said that we'd chip in so he could get in, but he didn't want to bother and said he'd just hang out in the casino. so, he left, and we went in. well, jackie was upset that mark didn't come along, so after about half an hour, i decided that i was going to make him come along if he wanted to or not just to cheer up jackie. well, i got his number from jackie. called him. told him he had to come. he said he was in a casino down the street and that he'd be there in 10-15 min. so, i headed down the entrance of the club. while there, i was talking to the bouncer guy/clip-board holding guy with the orange tie. i was telling him how my friends and i were already in the club, but one of my friends brothers was in the area and i was wondering if they could get him in with out having to wait in line (which was quite long at this point in time). well, some how it comes up that the guys tells me i'm cute. so, i kiss him. i ended up making out with orange tie guy right in front of the club. well, somehow it worked out well 'cause when mark showed up, we only had to wait a few minutes to get in and mark didn't have to pay at all. then sergio bought me a few drinks. i met a tall indian guy (beckie met a short one) who bought me a few drinks including straight scotch. mark had a sip of one of them and asked if it was scotch and water. i told him no, just scotch. then he teased me because some of the ice had melted so according to him, it was technically scotch and water. then we met omar. omar was a weird guy who would not go away. after leaving the club, mark kept teasing me about omar. so i had to tease him about guys buying him drinks in the bathroom (yes, it did happen at the ghost bar). so, just kidding around, he pushed me. so, i pretended to give him a swift kick in the shin (which was really only a tap). well, he went off to do some more gambling and jackie got mad at me. guess she thought i was being mean to him. that i really kicked him and that he left not to gamble, but because of me. so, i called him and asked him to come back. told him that jackie thought i was being mean to him. he laughed about that. then, jackie wanted to hang out with i believe the guy she'd met the other night at risque. beckie talked to mike from risque and was going to meet up with him for breakfast. i didn't want to feel like a third wheel and i really wasn't hungry at the time, so i decided that i was going to old vegas. mind you that i had consumed quite a few drinks by this time. well, mark and i both wanted to visit old vegas, so when beckie rounded the corner to meet up with her guy, mark and i ended up catching a cab and hitting old vegas. while there some gambling was done. along with some drinking. mark kept on teasing me and following me around. i remember telling him he should go gamble or something and lost him for a second around some slot machines. well, he tracked me down and just kept talking to me. he also kept calling me by my full name which was a bit weird. i also remember that there was a point in time while we were waiting for the buffet to open, that we were both leaning on each other and i remember him being really warm. while we were waiting, i end up talking to beckie. i guess jackie had gotten back around 7am and was wondering where everyone else was as she was the first one back. i ended up asking beckie if she could leave the key partly sticking out the bottom of the door so mark and i could get into the room when we got back. (jackie had one key. mark had another. the other key was left in the room 'cause we didn't think we were going to split up. i had mark give beckie his key figuring she'd get back before us.) well, there was only about 5 min. left till the buffet opened and mark and i decided that we needed food right then and there. a staff member informed us that there was another place that was already open, so we ended up there. we ended up getting back to the room around 9am according to both accounts. oh. i almost forgot to add that while at the bar in old vegas, in our drunken haze, mark told me something to the effect that he teased me because he liked me. and he actually petted that top of my head and played with my hair. never would have guessed. anyways, for a strange situation, he was a really sweet guy. kept keeping track of me. looking back, he kinda did that at a few places during the trip. good example...the ghost bar.

i also figure that i should include the following: on the second night there, beckie had a weird dream that mark and i were having "an illicit affair". not that she saw us having one, but in her dream, she just "knew it" and that we were hiding it from her and jackie. now to describe mark. not trying to be mean, but with his glasses and hat on...he made me think nascar. he's a military guy who's into country music. this all made the thought of an illicit affair seem all the more humorous. but we did oddly get along well. there was the pillow fight that i'm not even sure how it started. and we did have fun with the drinking and gambling. there's also not many people you can have a phone war with when they're sitting right across from you at breakfast. but, he was a nice guy. weird, but nice. not many guys will take your hand to help you out of a cab (didn't need the help, but the gesture was appreciated) when you're frolicking about vegas in the early morning hours. oh. he did have extremely pretty blue eyes. lost with the glasses on, but noticeable with contacts in. so, no illicit affair. not even so much as a kiss was exchanged. so beckie's dream was only a dream. not a prophecy.

oh. and the great part...when i got back to michigan, i checked my answering machine. during the trip, jackie kept saying that she tried calling me, but i never got any of her calls. turns out that she kept calling my home number located far far away from vegas. there i heard the message "hey jenn, it's jackie. it's about 7am and i'm the first one back. where are you guys?"...good stuff. the only bad part of the trip was really that jackie's brother accidentally lost her dog while we were gone. it was really sad. he still hasn't been located. and jackie found out on our last day in vegas. and she only found out when she called her brother and asked him how her dog was doing. sad.

well, on a happier's an r.v. people...
and a slow clap finish...

"...the stars have all stopped shining. the sun just won't break through. each day's the same, more clouds more rain..." -chris isaak



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