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28-03-2006 - 02:33

it's either raining or snowing right now. haven't been outside, so i'm not sure. ended up not going out tonight with sabastian. decided a nice lounge around the apartment might do some good. still have to clean and do laundry.

a cut and paste from myspace...

in a way i feel insulted. just 'cause the fiero looks like it doesn't run...doesn't mean that it really doesn't run. shortly before vegas, the battery had died. i called my apartment office and told them that it would not be moved for almost a week. (too busy to get a new battery). during this time, they slap a tow sticker on my car. i take the sticker off, call the apartment office, they apologize, and i have my car up and running the day i said it would be. then. two days before vegas. i call the office again. tell them that i will not be moving my car for about a week. that i will be out of town. they say they will make a note of it and that it's ok. i come back and there's a tow sticker on it again. i take the sticker off (they keep saying that my car never moves. only problem is that not only do i keep parking it on different sides of the lot, but they never mark the tires or anything.) i was feeling too ill after vegas to really do much about it. well, after moving my car. i didn't move it since wednesday night/thursday morning. sometime on friday, they must have slapped a tow sticker on it again. i didn't notice it till today. didn't move it this weekend 'cause it was cold (my poor car doesn't like the cold much) and i work the entire weekend. i feel that they are harassing me because i don't have a pretty car. so, i left an angry message on the office machine requesting that a supervisor or manager call me back. they will hear about this. and keep hearing about it. if i must, i will call them and leave messages every time i move my car. no matter how many times in a day. i will tell them how many spots down i have parked and request that they provide me with a camera so as to take pictures of my car being moved. (they in turn will think i'm annoying and likely not very smart.) so, some sort of compromise will likely be reached. if not...and they put another tow sticker on my car when i am in fact moving it...i will have a harassment report filed against them. yes, that may sound lame and/or over-reactive...but i am very protective of the fiero. it's been with me for longer than most people i know. if this continues...they will discover the anger and wrath of someone who is creative, works nights, and if properly provoked...
the conclusion to this is that they will from now on leave my car alone.

talking to steven again. found out that when tim got affected a lot of things. travis was tim's best friend. after tim dissapeared...travis ended up moving across the country. strange.

there's also someone on myspace from ypsi that seems to know me, but i can't think of who they are. they found me on myspace by my email it could be just about anyone. who do i know that's a dj and a bartender living out of ypsi? i remember.

i'm not sure if i posted anything about this, but here it is. i'm not over the ninja. i think i miss him more now than i did before. but i'm happier. i didn't realize how unhappy i was till i woke up from it all. and i'm not sad or depressed about it. i'm just aware of it. wish things could be different, but i'm also not going to dwell or wait around.

almost ripped my fingernail off yesterday on my tios take out box. still have some cheese cake in the fridge.

oh. and i'm taking the spring/summer semester off from school. there's no classes that i can really take at this juncture. so, i'll actually have some more time to do things. that and i want to help out my grandfather more. anyways. right now i just want to meet new people. hang out with old and new. and have some fun. sounds like a good plan to me...

"...stand by me. nobody knows the way it's gonna be. if you're leaving will you take me with you. i'm tired of talking on my phone..." -oasis



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