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19-04-2006 - 08:59

ah. updating...

where i left off. pre-outting with lee. well, for that, he came over. we cooked dinner. ate dinner. drank wine. and fell asleep watching a movie. woke up sometime after 1am. it was weird. i usually don't like sleeping in front of people, let alone "strangers" but, i had been up for i believe 2 days straight when he came over.

since then. still talking to lee via phone and myspace. i've hung out with beckie a few times. royal oak area. i've come across construction on every route possible to and from work as well as to and from class. ummm...this past friday, a few of us went out for susan birthday. started the night at the majestic. drink there. ryan and i wanted to see if his old roommate was in the clubby-concerty section. we asked the bartender that susan knew and he got someone to let us in through the wall for free. didn't find ryan's old roommate. after that, we went to olso. yeah. japanese sushi place/bar/club with a name like that. a creepy guy who we saw at the majestic was showed up there with his friends. at the majestic, or rather outside of it, i saw him try and get into the wrong black suv. it was funny as they were neither the same size or shape. anyways, he bought us drinks. normally i'd not accept drinks from strangers that i think are creepy, but susan was up for free drinks and it was her birthday. well, while there, i met a guy who i can't remember his name, but he was a professional chess player. through him, i met a guy i will now refer to as olso. cute irish guy. musician. trish and i were teasing him about wearing his hat. well, after much talking, everyone had already moved upstairs, so i said bye to oslo and went upstairs as well. well...everyone was sitting around upstairs with no intention to leave, so i joined. a couple of minutes later, oslo came upstairs and i can't quite recall, but he said something to me and well...i ended up making out with the guy for most of the rest of our stay at oslo. susan has photos of this as well as a photo of ryan and trish kissing. ummm...after parting ways, we stopped at mcdonalds before going back to susans. the funny thing is that while in line for drive-thru, we kept hearing honking in front of us. well...turns out that guy in car two in front of us had fallen asleep in his car in the drive-thru. car in front of us drove around him. we did the same. guy woke up as we were leaving. at least we believe he was the car two in front of us. he actually could have been there before and just "blocked" in the car in front of us when they pulled in. well, after all of that, and getting back to susans, beckie and i crashed on couches/chairs and slept there. that morning, beckie and i went back to her place where my car was left, and ended up going to ihop. pancake goodness. even though we both had french toast instead.

random statement: so at least the last guy i kissed wasn't orange tie guy in vegas, and at least the last guy i really kissed, not just some semi-quick kiss is no longer the ninja. of the early am hours of the 18th, it was one year since my grandmother died. i have to admit that i was quite sad that morning while at work. talked to some friends a bit. almost cried while on the phone with brian and the ninja (talking to them seperately). didn't cry. got over it. went home. didn't sleep. maintenance came over for an inspection. got only a couple hours of sleep. woke up. oddly before my alarm went off. oddly feeling like a million bucks. and i've oddly felt great since then. i keep half expecting some huge wave of sadness to sweep over, but it just hasn't come. starting to think it won't. just strange. anyways...the bad spell is over. the anniversary of steven's death on the 13th came and went. and the year marker on my grandmother's death did the same. and i'm still mentally intact. easter was a bit difficult this year. the first year in my entire life that we didn't dress up for easter dinner. that day just had a whole odd feel to it. anyways...the hard part is over. things can only feel better from here.

other than that...i'm currently cold. happy. slightly hungry. have a ton of school stuff left. i also think that ryan and i may have a potential new andy. some investigation will have to be conducted. we may need an application process...

"your eyes tell the stories of a day you wish you could, recall the moments that once have. retract the footsteps that brought us to this favor. i wouldn't ask this of you. good eye, sniper. here i'll shoot, you run. the words you scribbled on the walls, with the loss of friends you didn't have. i'll call you when the time is right. are you in, or are you out? for them all to know the end of us all. run quick, they're behind us. didn't think we'd ever make it this close to safety in one piece. now you wanna kill me in the act of what could maybe, save us from sleep and what we are..." -coheed and cambria



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