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12-05-2006 - 16:43

catching up...

so. i haven't hung out with olso lately. i don't think i'm really going to make an effort to do so. granted it was really fun hanging out with him. and he is hot. and i really liked the lying next to him speil...but i did call him the other night and he didn't phone back. so, i guess unless he calls in the next few days...he's written off my list...

well. the other night, being a tuesday...beckie and i went out. drinking and talking. we were talking about "champagne bombs". deciding that it might be tasty to mix in a shot of either of the following with champagne and it would be tasty: hypnotic, midori, berry or vanilla vodka. then we had our ritualistic mcdonalds breakfasts.

ummm...a friend of mine just got back from scotland. and, i felt uber special 'cause i was one of the only people he brought something back for.

jobe mentioned the other day that i was smiling a lot. asked me why especially since we'd been stuck out in the rain and everyone was drenched. my answer "i'm just having another great day." i appreciate how much like myself i feel now. so, not too bad. this is how i know i've recovered from last year.

going out tonight for mike's birthday. should be fun.

oh. the ninja phoned me the other day. it was kind of weird. didn't think he'd phone. he'd left an email that i'd not read asking me to call him and i hadn't called. he wanted to hang out. as we still have the same not-so-compatable schedules, it's tricky to be able to make time. so, we currently have semi-plans for hanging out this coming up thursday as i'll already be out in ann arbor for hapkido.

started listening to some new music. 8mm...25m floater...some good stuff. the past few somethings, i have been invited to a wedding. asked out on nights i have to work. hit on by a murse. had a friends much much younger brother talk to me (with others thinking he was hitting on me). and been asked out for coffee by a guy in a strange hat. oh...and jeff and i were talking and he asked the following..."so, you're still not dating the ninja yet?" "no. i am still not dating the ninja...if that's what you were asking." "oh really?" "yes." " that means that you are dating, but not the ninja, so you're available..." and then he left the room. weird.

" can't say 'cause you're so afraid that all you have is all you deserve. you're so afraid all that you have is all that you deserve. maybe it, it is." -8mm



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