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13-05-2006 - 05:33

interesting night. i am happy to know that the wiles are back and working fully.

out nectoing. drink specials. ran into of the guys i was kinda seeing when i first met the ninja. he wants to hang out again. actually talked to hat boy. he told me that he'd noticed me there quite a few times before and that it was about time that he got my name. he also tracked me down later to talk to me. not sure why, but i've thought he was kind of cute for quite some time. i just never talked to him before 'cause i was dating the ninja. anyways...talking to him, he says that he'll buy me a drink the next time i'm at the necto. the song association is also back. necto boy is becoming x by the sneaker pimps. it just clicked when he was talking to me and took his hat off for the second time.

necto boy is only 23. and i think he's in the middle part of 23. when i was 15, i dated a guy who was 21. i keep dating younger since then. the youngest were nick and the ninja. nick having exactly the same birthday as me...just years apart.

after all of that. i stopped at my jimmy johns where they made me food even after they had been closed for a bit. after that, i realized that mcdonalds would be great. stopped at the one near my place. got some free food there when the guy asked me out. think the kid was maybe 19. had to decline. amazing what happens when a girl goes out wearing an extremely short dress...

and now i've got to try and fall asleep even though i'm no longer tired. found out after all of that that i have to be up early 'cause my parents are coming out to visit my grandfather "early" tomorrow. then later in the to toledo...

"you can keep breathing. i only fall when you are near me. incomplete. i only talk when you can hear me. keep dreaming. can't wake up until i'm sleeping. lost on me. close to something i'll never be. close to something i'll never be. if i just stay here, close my eyes can you still see me? obsolete, very nearly something to see. still see me, i can't wake up for sleeping. incomplete. very nearly something to be. still see me, there's a punishment needed. obsolete. very nearly something to be. very nearly something to be. you can keep trying. drown in sleep to be flying. see for miles. something that i wanted to be. i can't wake this dream. prototype ends up has been. incomplete. the consequence of something to be." -sneaker pimps



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