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29-05-2006 - 5:49 a.m.

had dinner with family. watched x-men and went out to the bar on friday. saturday. slept in. cleaned. went to mike's place for frolicking good fun. stayed out late. drank way too much. got white castle. showered. then took a bath with sakura bubbles. watched a movie in the tub. finally slept. slept in. woke up. we toured the genereal area in search of pancakes. realization that there were in fact no pancake houses or bob evans in the remote area, we ended up "breakfasting" at honeytree at dinner time. it was great. we then went swimming for a while. fun was had. fingers became pruney. after that, we went to ann arbor. our original intent was to swing by. buy brian a birthday drink. and then head out to the sine waves for a picnic. ended up staying a bit longer. then were invited and went to the ninjas. the ninja made some comments to and towards me that made me realize that i just want my stuff back, and then we really will have no reason for contact. then we headed back to novi. drank more. up to and including champagne bombs. (warning: they are nasty. never drink them.) lesson matter how much you mix will sink and then attack you at the end of the drink when you least expect it. then we went to mcdonalds. ended up picnicking with our mcdonalds breakfasts. great music. good drinks (for the most part). much discussion. many things learned. things forgotten. things forgiven. things accepted. knowledge gained. and i ended up with a cool new mix cd from austin.

i remet a few people that i once met at scorekeepers ages ago when i was dating austin. found skittles. ate skittles. threw some at john. went on the great pancake quest. met a guy with a shirt on his head that gave us directions. watched memoirs of a geisha. drank water out of a cd case top. sang along to great music out loud. we were outsmarted by a seatbelt. found out that the end is in fact not near as all became well after getting lost. had the unavoidable spilled drink no matter where i moved. later had the moving drink glass. knew that mia was for miami. danced about. played with puppies. carried skippy around in all of his 40+ lb glory. played a game that beckie and i lost, were not good at, and the other team wasn't good at either...but were just a tad less not as good as us. shirts were removed. the vegas swim suit was worn. a flower was klepted. cinabons were consumed. off was randomly sprayed in vain. we were almost lost to the dirty smelly cleft that attempted to steal my boot. we barely escaped with our lives...or at least shoes and sanity. plants were in fact not flailed into the pond as intended, but ripped open onto boots and blankets. there were tiny elephants. oberon was consumed. out tour of summer was completed in a weekend. a great weekend...

"...last resort. today i wish for something more. behind closed doors i waste away. left with nothing to say at all. i come undone..." -youth in asia



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