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12-06-2006 - 04:03

so. once's been a while.

not sure what i last put in here. ummm...fought and made up with the ninja. not dating making up, but we are once again talking. a recap of those events...ryan and i went and met up with brian and others to buy brian a birthday drink. well, during this time, the ninja invites us all back to his place. while still at the bar, the ninja had made a few unpleasant comments. we end up going back to his place. he's drunk. makes several more comments, eventually resulting in us leaving. getting phoned to come back. more comments, and leaving again. i later phone the ninja to see what's going on 'cause and he yells at me on the phone. i decide that i'm done with all of that and just want to get my stuff back. more unpleasant-ness. situation concludes with an email that he sent me. i guess that we are once again on copacetic terms.

jump to this weekend. ryan, austin, mike and i went out. had the most delicious happy sushi meal. then we were going to go out and see a movie, but that didn't really correspond well with the times and selection and such. so, we went out to o'connors and sat in the little booth area. talked. sang along to good songs that were sung poorly. much fun was had. finished the night off with ice cream and toppings aquired at a late night meijers run. so concludes friday.

saturday. went out to ryans. had awful traffic. (why do people slow down for cops when they're already going 5 under the designated speed limit?). finally get there. mike's already there. jeff shows up. we get food at boston market. we go krogering. i fall into a post large meal "coma". wake up a tad later. more people show up. drinks are consumed. jessica and i had mimosas which were delicious. we make a mass migration to the bar. everything's normal up until the bar. fun. dancing. chambord, raspberry vodka with a splash of sour mix was the drink of choice for the night.

then. at some point in time, ryan suggests jokingly that i should kiss steve. steve counters with a he'll kiss me if jeff will kiss ryan. so. steve gets a quick kiss on the cheek. someone says that that doesn't count. so, there's a quick kiss on the lips. like those people who kiss their relatives on the lips. quick peck that's akward. well, jeff says that he didn't see it so it doesn't count and that he might consider the offer. repeat of the second. then that was that. later in the night, while up at the bar getting people's drinks, steve's sitting there. it's a bit loud and normally when talking where it's loud, one would lean in most likely towards the other person's ear. maybe bringing one's hand up in a futile attempt to help block out the sound. well, steve kept talking to me and leaning in, but right in front of me. definitely a breach of my personal space. well, he's talking to me, lips brushing against my face and next thing you know he kisses me. backs off for a second. and kisses me again. so, what's a girl supposed to do when confronted with a cute guy with great hair kissing her? kiss him back. and this was before the majority of peoples drinks were consumed. about the midway part of the bar experience. ryan was not pleased with the steve situation. but then again, ryan was quite full of drinks at this time. towards the end, people started slowly leaving. and at the end of the night at the bar, ryan had cashed out. said bye to mike. and while i was saying bye to mike, ryan had dissapeared. everyone left was wondering where he had gone off to. appearently he had thought that we'd already left and was outside. we found him about a block or so down by a sign looking back at the bar. after everyone who was left got back to ryans, (yeah, we walked there and back) sleeping arangements were set up. ryan lost his battle with the drinks and for a short while had passed out in the bathroom.

the after sleeping and then waking part of sunday. after waking up, most of us chatted and ranted about needing pancakes while ryan was sleeping or not well in the bathroom. we do all eventually get dressed and migrate to ihop. much food is consumed. there was a hair in jeff's coffee. everything else was delicious. getting back to ryans. more chatting. napping on austin. drive home through bad traffic. miss my entrance onto 275 (not so bad. ryan missed his exit on the way to my place on friday). have to turn around. then i hit the ramp from 275 to 96. just past the point where i can go no other way, i get stuck on ramp traffic. i was stuck on the little span of ramp for 45 minutes. finally get to my grandfathers place. take him out to dinner. help him with some lawn stuff (appearently even with some special clover killer, clovers are attempting to take over his lawn). drink tea. eat cookies. talk. and we watched a csi show where i solved 3 of the situations before they were solved in the show, although with one of them, water was the conductor and i had figured the guy's soda was. still, both were liquids that can conduct electricty. after that, i went home. general lounging.

"if you're cold and you're alone. and you don't know where to go. you can call me anytime. nothing's changed, i am still here. if you're running out of breath. and you're building's burning down. you can jump, i will catch you. nothing's changed, i am still here. with heavy hands and an absent mind. did i blow your cangle out? with shortened words and a lack of time. am i ever on your mind? was i cruel and never there? nothing to rely on. was our romance a black hole? you kept the better half than me. well if you really wanted to know. well no the earth's not moved for me since. i wish i could've given you lightness. the lightness that you deserve. and they say time is a healer. and time will look after you. i can't wait, i can't wait, i can't wait, i can't wait. come over. come over. why don't you come over? well if you really wanted to know. well no the earth's not moved for me since. i wish i could've given you lightness. the lightness that you deserve. and they say time is a healer. and time will look after you. let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go. come over. and i stole you that ring. 'cause i wanted you to have it. and it wasn't about me, i just wanted you to have it. your smile, baby your smile, baby i come alive. i feel so naked, like before we met. last night i was so close to just calling you up. they say it takes time to heal the wounds. i can't wait, i can't wait. come over." -bloc party



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