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18-06-2006 - 02:53

yeah...i know i don't post on here as much as i used to, or should...

still haven't been able to gather my stuff from the ninja. goal is to possibly get items this week.

joe is coming to town for a short spell. i haven't seen him since before he left for far off lands. actually, i think the last time i saw him was back when i was kind of seeing him and shaun. strange...but, while he's here, we're supposed to hang out.

i have started to befriend another asian who likes robots. robots and john cusack movies. we may be going out for dim sum soon.

i've come across someone who looks a lot like brent. sounds (words not voice) like brian. and spells like the ninja. and he lives in ypsi. i wonder if he's some how the three of them combined into one sent here from the future. strange what randomness brings.

i also haven't nabbed much sleep lately. friday before work maintenance people started working on the new sidewalks shortly after 9am...and didn't stop till shortly after 4pm. jack-hammers and such. so, i didn't really sleep much. just a bunch of 15 minute naps during their breaks and such. then yesterday i couldn't fall asleep, but did manage 4 hours of sleep. then after i get out of work this morning...i'm off to my parents house. there i will once again get little sleep as we are having family dinner (aka lunch with dinner food) and then i have to leave early to beat race traffic and get to work. i plan to sleep in quite a bit on monday. unless maintenance wakes me up again. they are still working out there...

and...the only bad news is that i am currently on academic probation. B-'s are bad in grad school. so, i have to make sure to get at least 3.0's for all of my classes from here on out...

oh. good news. i did finally get my sword. so now i'm learing sword technique. extremely fun. extremely entertaining. slightly painful.

"now you say you're lonely. you cry the whole night through. well you can cry me a river. cry me a river. i cried a river over you. now you say you're sorry. for being so untrue. well you can cry me a river. cry me a river. i cried a river over you..." -julie london



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