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06-07-2006 - 04:32

someone needs to remind me to update here...

things and such...

1. my father just retired. he retirement party was this past friday. it was insane just trying to keep up with getting the food out and such. it's weird. the higher-ups said that there wasn't enough money in the budget to give my father his duty weapon...the officers pitched in and bought it for him just so he would get it. guess it just shows that all of the regular officers liked him.

2. the mystery person sent me a new message. this time over myspace. told me to check out the ninja myspace page and his status. yep. he's dating someone new. a girl with the same first name as me who's 21. i don't think it will last, but i wish them both luck anyways. (i usually don't think that most relationships will last.) i think he's like me and just gets bored after a while. i don't cheat on those i'm dating, but i have often times broken up with people due to change in interest.

3. i still have to get my stuff back from the ninja. yeah, it's been a while. still working on it. the weird thing is that i would still like to be friends with the ninja. i guess that i just feel that if you've spent that much time with someone, you ought to at least get a decent friendship out of it. so, who knows...

4. mike and i went out the other day. and i must say that things have all started out quite well. first of all, he bought me fun asian toys that dance to music while sitting on top of bottle caps. then, he made a comment about (upon seeing my fiero in the lot) fiero's being cool cars before he knew it was mine. then we went out to dinner at shangra-la and had tons of dim sum and peking duck. and then to champps for mimosas. good stuff. it is weird walking next to a 6'2" chinese kid though. (kid as in still older than me.)

5. i haven't heard from brian in a little while. i phoned him the other morning and tonight, but haven't heard back from him. not sure why. the kinda funny thing is that the first time i phoned him, it was right after i smashed my finger in my closet door and can't remember what i said in the message, but recall watching my finger change colour a few times.

6. i also got mild food poisoning from my grandmothers sea food pasta. bleah.

7. i am currently on academic probation over my b- from last semester. i have to plead to the board for continuance in the programme without having to take other classes not pertaining to my programme to indicate that i can get b's or better. bleah. i should be fine on that though.

8. i've been having really strange dreams lately. i may have to post some of them on here. they're not the bad ones that almost seem to predict death or injury around me, but just weird ones.

9. kurtz and master doris are requesting that i test for the next belt even though i don't think i'm ready. i did get my hapkido sword, and it's amazingly fun to work on most mornings. things that make me happy...

10. i'm back to that ultimate feeling of knowing that everything will work out in the end. it's comforting i guess. it also kind of makes one want to take more risks...which is good and bad all at the same time...

"...wake up dreamer, it's happening without you..." -bloc party



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