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14-07-2006 - 13:47

ok. so, here's the story. (and mind you, i type this info here for myself. others reading it is just additional.)

last night, i go to hapkido. i hurt my right knee during hapkido. crunch noise. feels fine till a little later when it starts hurting really bad. i really want to go out since i wasted the day before doing absolutely nothing aside from watching an anime series. pop into the ER and get some free wrap for my knee. after tiger balming it and wrapping it, it starts to get a little better. i then procede to hang out with brian for a very limited time. things are going well with him and his new girlfriend. after that, i meet up with andy from work at ashley's pub for our tuesdays that seem to have shifted to thursdays. well, while i was at the ER, jobe was working. i asked him what he and other other andy were doing after work. he said that he didn't know, so i mention to him that he should hang out with me and andy. well, things get busy in the ER and he tells me to phone him later. i tell him that i don't have his number, but he runs off saying he'll be right back. can't wait, meeting up with brian. so, i figure i'll phone his work number later. i do this and leave a message with other other andy. no call. so, andy phones and talked to other other andy and then jobe. eventually they are convinced to come and hang out with us. but, other other andy ends up having to go home and hang out with his girlfriend. jobe comes out. andy has a few drinks. i have a couple. jobe has one. we talk and drink and were merry. after closing out the bar, i was completely sober (info thanks to the new breathalizer) but wanted to re-wrap my knee. since it wasn't quite possible to do in my car, i walked across the street from the pub and into the grassy area to sit down. jobe follows me. (seems i have this thing with walking off and guys following me.) well, the lawn looks a tad wet, but i really didn't care. knee hurt a bit still. so, i sit on the lawn and unwrap it and jobe starts talking to me. i didn't want to leave yet since after taking off the wrap, the knee was happy to be liberated and i didn't want to walk around without the wrap. so we end up sitting in the wet grass. then lying in the wet grass to attempt to see the stars which are rather difficult to see in the middle of ann arbor. well, we eventually migrate to leaning against a tree that's dry. well, it's dry except for a weird foot wide streak of ick runing down the entire length of the tree. i managed to touch the very edge of it and it was nasty. so, of course, i tell jobe to touch it. upon agreeing that it's nasty, we adjourn to a cement wall where we sit. then the bugs came out, so we ended up lying down on this wall with our feet out and heads next to eachother to stay away from the mass of bugs. this works fairly well and we commence talking. just random talking. family. anime (he's a closeted anime watcher). well, after a couple of hours of hanging out there, i mention that i'm hungry.
"i'm kinda hungry."
"yeah...well, not so much hungry for real food, as for ice cream."
"well, the only place i can think of is a 24 hour grocery store. kroger on plymouth is open."
so, we decide to head out there. we buy a box of push up pops (as that was really what i wanted) and then attempted to find a location to eat them at. well, there was a grassy "island" towards the edge of the parking lot. we decide to sit there. once again, the grass is wet and we decide to sit down anyways. knee is feeling much better at this point in time. after some ice cream, we're back to lying in the wet grass and talking. well, is was starting to get a tad cold out, and he touched my arm and said that i was freezing. ended up taking my hands in his to "keep them warm". (it is a known fact that i do not generate my own body heat very effeciently.) well, i've already played in the grass and i'm fairly soaked. jobe was just lying back, so only his back was soaked. well, a water fight ensues. next thing, we're both soaking wet, and slightly cold. up until this point, we'd been a couple feet apart. well, somehow we ended up right next to each other and he mentions how warm i am. so, we end up curled up next to each other because we don't want to go, but we're still freezing. this works out quite well as i end up pulled across his chest. his arms are around me. and our faces are tucked into each other necks. so we end up lying like this and talking for quite some time.
during this, his lips keep brushing against my neck. soaked curles of my hair are dripping water on the both of us, and when i went to pull my hair to the side, he just really pulled me in. hands on waist moved up to cover my back and his lips were against my cheek, so i did the only think that would be appropriate at this time, which was kiss him. it's still dark when all of this happens. and we end up with this pg, completely clothed kissing/making out until the sun came up. so, here we are lying in the wet grass of the kroger parking lot island. people driving by and walking around and we're there like no one else is around. once it really started getting bright, we went to his truck and were curled up in the front seat with the heat on. and we stayed there talking, kissing, all very pg for quite some time.
details. you know how there's just some attractions that no matter how you try to ignore them, you just really can't? well, there was a slight attraction between us before that was ignored. nothing that was going on for long, but at least a couple of weeks. well, the night before that, i knew something was up when i was watching anime and he popped into my head for a split second when i thought "jobe gets out of work right now". and i noticed all of this more when i went across the street from ashley's and he followed and i realized that i wanted him to. then there's the first kiss speil. granted, there's been many a first kiss that has stuck out in my mind, and i'm not sure if some of the memory just dissapears over time, but this one really stuck out. i can't really remember any of them being quite like this before. heart pounding. butterflies in the stomach. melting. it was less like a first kiss with someone and more like a first kiss with anyone if that makes sense. and aside from his hands on my waist, and my hands under the edge of his shirt, there was no under clothing contact. i think it's the first time ever that i didn't want to keep my hands off of someone. at one point in time, he was holding my hand and there was just this strange comforting sensation. and what amazed me was how great it was just to have someone innocently and softly kiss my neck. no one's ever done that before. everything from last night was just amazing. i don't think i'll ever tell him about just how amazing it all was. he's leaving for new york in a few weeks anyways. before we'd left the pub though, he'd mentioned that i can always come out and stay at his place if i'm heading out that ways.
grrrr...why did this have to happen? and why him? it's something that almost scares me. i've never had a pg or ever higher rated night where when i got back to my car, my hands were shaking and not from the cold. i'm not sure what all of this is, nor what will become of it, but right now i just don't quite know what to make of all of it.

"...kokoro wa (hashiru) ano sora no shita. karamawari suru kimochi ga sakebi dase no o tomerarenai. kimi made (todoke) kitto ato sukoshi. atsuku hizashi ga terasu kono michi no mukou. ready steady go. please. trust me." -l'arc~en~ciel



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