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22-07-2006 - 07:52

so. i'm sitting here in bed with my television on mute to the grimm adventures of billy and mandy whilst listening to elliot smith with jobe lying in bed next to me.

no rated r action. he's currently sleeping. i can't. ryan is in the next room and has been sleeping for quite some time. and now the show has changed.

i have decided that appearently, i fall in and out of like, love, lust quite easily. i did like mike until i saw mike and beckie interact at bosco. they both seemed interested in each other, so i fell out of like. it also helped that jobe was around. and i am glad that they hit it off well. i probably wouldn't have really started talking to jobe if they didn't.

he leaves at the end of this coming up month. well, towards the end anyways. i have poor concept of time. guess i should just enjoy things during the extremely short time they may last...

right now my eyes hurt from lack of sleep, but my brain doesn't seem to want to let sleep take over...

as for jobe. i really can't get over this strange attraction. mainly, it's that i don't understand it, so it intregues (likely spelled wrong) me even more. this strange endless cycle. he just seems to know exactly what to do/say exactly when it should be done/said. showed up at the movie last night even though he wasn't going to because of his soccer game. little things like brushing his hand against mine during the movie. brushing the back of his hand across my face and neck. pulling back my hair while we're talking and i'm leaning over with my hand holding up my head. the only word i can think of to describe all of describe him is electric. strange word for it all, i know. but it's the most fitting.

i also missed the boy in bed sleeping next to me while i'm on my computer thing.

" what the hell am i doin' drinkin' in l.a. at 26?..." -bran van 3000



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