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06-08-2006 - 12:17


i'm retaking bme 5040...the calc 1-4 and physics 1-2 combined. classes start on the 9th of september.

my grandfather is doing well. still having some foot problems.

my sister is still unemployed. still drinking. still doesn't have her license back.

i started a roth ira. only $1,000 in it to start. so far i only have a little over $10,000 in my other retirement plan. i would have more, but i didn't start it till after i'd paid off my student loans. seems that i'm pretty decent with the investments.

jobe just phoned me. there's a programme on right now with kimono stuff on it. he must have just gotten home. we went to sleep fairly early last night. well, at least early for me. i actually got up before him and was able to make food before he woke up. last night we went out to the pub. came back. talked. managed to lose our clothing. pretty much the same thing that happens every time we hang out.

is it really hot outside?
i don't know. you know i don't frolick about in daylight.
well, you're not very helpful.
hey, that's my line.

i had had a dream many many months ago about someone. at the time, i was dating the ninja and thought it was about him. he'd just recently cut his hair. i think that part of it is that i never really thought i'd date someone else with really short hair. i wonder if ian was the person in the dream.

i wonder how things are going to be once he leaves for ny. he won't be coming back till thanksgiving. that just seems like such a long time...

well. more on ian. he's currently sun burned. it's appearent that he's pretty much a replacement parent in his family. his stepfather and his mother i guess are still married, but seperated. so, ian pretty much takes care of his younger siblings. the youngest being 11. drives them to soccer. picks them up from places. watches their games. does some of the cooking. does most of the house repairs. very responsible. very close to his immediate family. there's just so much that i really don't want to forget when he leaves. he smells good all the time. soft skin. and even though his hair is short, he has the softest hair of anyone i've ever met. there's a burn scar on his right upper arm a little over two inches long. another on the upper left part of his chest. and a few small scars on the inner part of his left arm. we both like to sleep with covers over our heads. he's extremely thoughtful. he won't let me carry the basket when we're grocery shopping because the one time where i wouldn't let him carry it, it left marks on my arm from the way i was carrying it. when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he says things that make no sense. soft lips. strong arms. he'll pull me over when i'm walking by. he has dimples when he smiles. it all just seems like some really good dream. this amazing dream that i will soon wake up from and it will end. maybe a good dream that i'll have again. it's also great in a way that i realize how much i was missing out when i was dating the ninja. and not just with him, but i guess with everyone i've dated. not that it's their faults. it's just totality of circumstances. chemistry and everything else...

is pendulematic a word? i don't believe it is. ian used it last night and then stopped right after he said it. i think he had a split second of hope that would't notice. but he realized that i did. i wasn't even sure that it wasn't a real word, and likely never would have even questioned it if he hadn't paused after saying it. anyways...

"la mer. qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs. a des reflets d'argent. la mer. des reflets changeants. sous la pluie. la mer. au ciel d'ete confond. ses blancs moutons. avec les anges si purs. la mer bergere d'azur. infinie. voyez. pres des etangs. ces grans roseaux mouilles. voyez. ces oiseaux blancs. et ces maisons rouillees. la mer. les a berces. le long des golfes clairs. et d'une chanson d'amour. la mer. a berce mon coeur pour la vie..." -charles trenet



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