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21-08-2006 - 14:59

ok. friday. beckie and i decided to go out. mainly to cheer me up since ian left for nyc friday. our plan was to go out and catch a movie and maybe get a drink or two at the bar afterwards. so. beckie shows up. get to the theatre. get some snacks. each get a drink. and see pulse. it was an interesting movie. not good. not bad. after the movie, beckie and i went over to 5th ave for drinks. we each had a shot of tequila and a drink after that. from there, we were maybe going to catch one more drink at gus o'connors. we were walking from 5th ave to gus's and came across this new bar. can't recall the name of it. ian phoned during the walk over and he sounded rather concerned about our status after hearing about the tequila. well, mike, austin, and john met up with us at the new bar. i'm not really sure what happened (well, i know what happened, just not sure how). had a couple of drinks. met another asian jenn. she left her wallet in beckies purse. beckie ended up puking like mad in the bathroom of the bar. beckie had driven us there. mike ended up driving beckie back to my place. austin ended up driving me back to my place in beckie's car. beckie ended up puking in my bathroom. i ended up puking in the front lawn of my apartment complex. but, the mission was accomplished. i wasn't sad and thinking about ian all night. oh. and neither of us had really eaten much of anything during the day. so, while it made us all the more worse off for the was a lot less painful when the drinks revisited us.

then. we got up on saturday. both of us feeling like hell. the tequila kicked my ass. and then the rest of the drinks just got in a couple more good shots while i was down. anyways. we finally got up and moving. had mcdonalds breakfast. took naps. finally got moving again. went to the mall. browsed around. felt ill. the smelly scented goods places made us feel even worse. we went to red robin for food. felt a tad better. then a tad worse. went back to my place. took naps. got up. eventually got ready and headed for toledo. stopped and had dinner at boston market. got to ryans. everyone collected there. we progressed to the bar. the bar was fun at first, but they kept gassing us with the fake smog stuff and i couldn't breathe. bleah. my throat, lungs, and eyes still burn/hurt from that. some issues with someone there who was not too happy, and finally having the ian thing hit all made me feel generally bad and like crying. after a rather bad run in, i ended up leaving. austin and i walked back. everyone else met up with us a tad later. ryan was really really drunk. ended up taking off. mike and i found him in the brush in the back corner "alley" of his apartment parking lot. in a spot under creepy trees and no lights. eventually got him back in the building. and some other stuff. then sleep.

woke up. austin maimed me. mouth bleeding. a couple of my teeth ended up cutting the inside of my mouth from it. i had boston market left overs. we then went out to ihop for pancakes. i had french toast instead of pancakes. well, the french toast meal combo speil. went to a dollar shop where things were on sale. dollar items on sale. strange. got back to ryans. austin and mike left. beckie, ryan and i watch about a boy on dvd. then we went out to boston market again for food. and backie and i headed back towards my place. got lost. 20 exits past. had to turn around. so, a total of 40 exits out of the way. finally got back and now we're here. and i'm covered in mosquito bites. bleah. i had a couple from friday night, but ryan's tree in the "alley" had a ton of them.

i think that that's about all of that.

other than that...the whole shock of ian leaving is really setting in. i find myself running to pick up my phone and being slightly dissapointed when it's not him on the line. then again, there's that butterflies in the stomach feeling when it is. i don't think i mentioned in here that i met his mother and sister. got to see his mothers house. it's amazing everything he's done there. installed new cabinets. re-worked half the bathroom. put in new wood floors with left over wood. there's just tons of things he's done there and it all looks really good. i'd say most of it looks professional. i also got to see some of his work that got him into grad school. ceramics. jewelry. everything. sketches. just great stuff. i notice that i just ramble about him. like how he's growing his hair out a bit. he saw my photos of him and said that it was the first time he realized that he might look a bit scary with next to no hair. i kind of like him with the short hair, but not so much without any. i also like the colin whats-it's hair that he has when it's longer. (guy with the accent. movie star.)

so. i typed the previous last night and from here on well, during the day...

i also just paid my tuition for this semester. bleah. i still have a sore throat and burning eyes. mouth still hurts from slight maiming. tried to get some more sleep before work, but i just can't seem to do so. and it just doesn't seem real that i won't be able to see ian till thanksgiving time. i guess it's good though. i was dating the ninja when i first took this class and he was less than supportive of the school-ness and complained that i spent too much time with my school stuff and not with him. bleah. so, i guess it will be nice to know that ian is impressed by the fact that i'm doing what i'm doing and it works out well that i'll not be able to spend too much time with him as he's too far away to do so.


"do you realize? that you have the most beautiful face. do you realize? we're floating in space. do you realize? that happiness makes you cry. do you realize? that everyone you know someday will die. and instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know. you realize that life goes fast. it's hard to make the good things last. you realize the sun doesn't go down. it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning 'round. do you realize? oh, oh, oh. do you realize? that everyone you know someday will die? and instead of saying all of your goodbyes, let them know. you realize that life goes fast. it's hard to make the good things last. you realize the sun doesn't go down. it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round. do you realize? that you have the most beautiful face. do you realize?" -the flaming lips



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