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03-10-2006 - 09:19

well, i leave for lands far far away in just under 24 hours.

the only things that i can really think of right now are fear for taking my exam later today after the mishap of yesterday. that and the fact that someone really fixed my bad "day" last night. they jokingly asked me what they're going to do when i'm gone for a whole two weeks. also said that they were worried about me being on the plane. that they were worried for me. also told me that i have an accent and that it's cute. then they said that it wasn't really an accent, but just a way that i pronounce some things. it amazes me at how little things...just simple comments during the span of the night...can change my entire mood and everything. definitely someone that i'd like at add to my friend group. i honestly can't picture myself being angry or in a bad mood with them around, as strange as that sounds. people like this just make everything seem just a little less bad.

back on the exam mishap. i was supposed to take it yesterday. 5.5pm. i showed up. the teaching assistant who was to administer the exam showed up. the prof didn't give her the exam. nor did he answer calls to his office, mobile phone, or pager about how i could get the exam. so, the current plan is for me to take it later today. this cuts into my packing time. as of now i have many things thrown in the general direction of my suitcase...but nothing has made it in there yet.

i can't believe that i'm going to be in hawaii for two weeks. it almost doesn't feel real.

"note to self. empty. running on...bravado..." -bloc party



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