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24-10-2006 - 09:11

ah. well, i am back from hawaii. those tales will be told at a later date.

current status of things:

my grandmother went into surgery when i was in hawaii. she's doing well now. currently residing at my parents. i'm visiting there this coming up weekend. emergency heart surgery and an additional surgery for an anyerism (not spelled correctly, but i'm not going to bother looking it up at this juncture in time). and with all of this in mind, my mother told off my aunt when my aunt told her that my grandmother had plenty of money and that my mother should just write out some cheques in my grandmothers name to pay for things while my grandmother is staying with my parents. i kind of wish i was there for that.

i guess it just doesn't make sense to me. my grandmother was living with my aunt and uncle (uncle is my grandmothers oldest kid). they were not only charging her rent for the one room she stayed in, but making her do the dishes, laundry, and cook for them. they also would not buy food or detergent or anything and wait until my grandmother finally broke down and bought it for them. and i could understand maybe them asking for some rent money if they didn't make that much, (they charge her just under a $100 less then i pay for my apartment a month) but my uncle who just retired makes more in his retirement than both of my parents together.


i finally didn't work on my birthday as i was in hawaii.
i currently have various degrees of interest in various guys.
i finally cleaned out my car.
i am in fact stressed by school.
people keep telling me that i'm quirky and calling things i say or do cute. i sometimes wonder if that's a good thing or not.

my sister is currently working at best buy. part time work. i'm happy to hear that she's finally working and has had this job for a couple of months now. she gets paid 7 something an hour. so at least it's something. the only bad thing if i didn't mention it in previous posts is that my father had to drive the half hour out to her apartment to drive her to work and then drive back out there to pick her up from work and drive her home. she still doesn't have her drivers license back and doesn't know if she'll reapply again for it in february when she is once again able to.

i currently can't sleep. i feel slightly ill. not sick ill, but the haven't been eatting well ill. in the past 24 hours this is what i've consumed: movie theatre popcorn, an entire box of chicken in a biskit crackers, cotton candy, spinach dip with chips, and a scotch egg. i think i may need some soup.

"see the ruins of the old world below. that's what our ancestors left us. but our robot masters will know how to clean this mess up and build a better world for man and machine alike. for the boys and the girls who are slaves building spaceships at night in the fluorescent light. that's two thousand and nine. on cold frosty martian mornings the chill on my breath is red. redder than my mother's blood when she turned to me and said "this is not how we planned it but we've gotten ahead of ourselves. computers rule the planet and the moon and mars as well. we lost the fight." Thats 2009. i have a microchip implanted in my heart so if i try to escape the robots will blow me apart. and my limbs will go flying and land before the ones that i love who would wail and would weep, but the robots would keep them at bay while i shut my eyes for the very last time. citizens of tomorrow be forewarned." -tokyo police club



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