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04-11-2006 - 09:31

the start: earlier during the week, there was this perfect night. it was cold the night before and has been cold since, but that one night was just a perfect fall night. i had wandered outside and noticed that there were just tons of leaves everywhere. so, i decided that i'd make a huge leaf pile and then consider jumping into it. then he called. asked where i was and i told him that i was outside playing with the leaves. so, he shows up a little later. i tell him that i'm considering jumping in the leaf pile, and then tell him that he should instead. he says that he's not the kind of person who just runs around jumping into leaves. i tell him that i'll give him 50 cents (my pocket change) if he does so. he declines. so, i take a running jump into the leaves when he turns around for a second. leaves clinging to my clothing and hair. next thing i know, he runs up behind me, throws his arms around me and pulls me into the leaves. we're out there playing in the leaves together for almost 10 minutes. just laughing and having fun. just something completely out of character for him, though oddly enough, when i see him, he's always in a great mood and laughing all the time. well, he lost something while frolicking in the leaves. and the next day, i found it. then while driving home, i phone him to remind him that he forgot to get said item from me before leaving. we end up talking on the phone for around 5 hours. later that night, i end up talking to him for somewhere over 6.5 hours. just talking and laughing and such. i think that that is the longest i've ever talked to someone in a 24 hour time span. then, the next night, he came out to novi. we went out to dinner at lucky's and then had some drinks at my favourite pub. we get back to my place and end up sitting on the couch talking and listening to music on my new ipod speaker that my sister got me for my birthday. then there were the little things. hand brushing against mine while talking. foot running into mine. then for some reason we got on the topic of people being ticklish. then we end up tickling each other and he ends up with his arms around me. and then to top off the oddness being that he never makes any first moves, he leans over and kisses me. and there are few things better than being kissed by someone where there's almost electric chemistry. there's that tingly all over feeling. butterflies in your stomach. knees go weak. and he has these great lips. and we just ended up spending hours lying on the couch listening to music curled up together. what i find really odd is that i tell him things that normally i'd only tell an extremely close friend. it seems that we bring out the best in each other. i also normally hate hand holding (unless it's the kind of hand holding where you're at a club and trying not to loose your friends)...and i just don't mind it with him. that and his compliments don't sound fake or forced. he kisses my hands. he's weird. i'm weird. i know it's a bad idea, but at this point, it seems like it can't be helped...and there's really no going back now. i still think there's some unwritten rule somewhere that states something about not dating friends. i'm just not really sure how any of this is going to play out, but i already think it's worth it. we're hanging out again on monday. not sure what we're doing. i love that he makes me laugh all the time. and that i smile even just thinking about him. when we were talking he told me that he's been attracted to me for a while. he also said that on the night we were playing in the leaves, as soon as he threw his arms around me to pull me into the leaves, his heart was pounding a million miles an hour. the strangest thing of all is that when talking to him, being around him, all of that, it just seems like i've known him forever.

description: he's an inch or two taller than me. average build. light hair. facial hair. glasses. he says that he's getting contacts soon, but i think he looks better with the glasses. maybe i'm just used to seeing him with them. he always smells incredably good. no piercings. no tattoos. i'm not sure if anyone would agree with me, but i think he's rather cute.

other than that...

my grandmother is doing well. has a cough, but she's recovering well from surgery. my grandfather is doing fairly well. i'm helping him learn his new glucose tester. parents are doing well. sister still working at best buy. i still can't believe the birthday gift she got me. something that costs around $300 that with her discount she got for $200. i can't believe she got me such an expensive and nice gift. she told my mother that she really wanted to get me something nice since i always get her nice gifts and she hasn't been able to get any gifts for anyone for quite some time.

"in my dreams i'm dying all the time. as i wake its kaleidoscopic mind. i never meant to hurt you. i never meant to lie. so this is goodbye. this is goodbye. tell the truth you never wanted me. tell me. in my dreams i'm jealous all the time. as i wake i'm going out of my mind. going out of my mind..." -moby



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