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27-03-2008 - 08:33

it's been a while...guess i'm finally posting something again because sometimes things are just better looked at when they're spelled out...

so. right now i'm "friends" with someone. this is someone that i like and easily could end up liking even more. he "likes" me. these facts have been stated by both parties. so, we're "friends". not dating. just "friends". the main problem is that i work with him. well, it's not really THAT i work with him, but that i work with him and in just a couple of weeks, he will be on another shift. the exact opposite midnight shift of me. so, there will never be a night that we can hang out. one of us will always be working ever night. i'm not sure how this can work out. i'm not sure if i'm worried that things could work out and that this schedule will get in the way...or if i'm worried that things could work out even with this schedule. there is a chance that he could eventually move to my shift. for some reason, he doesn't want to do this. he did mention that maybe he could move to a day shift in the near future. so, i guess i am mad that he doesn't want to move to my shift.

we actually got in a row the other day. things worked out well, but we were not happy with each other and ended up going to the martini bar. somehow this made things better. i guess maybe it has something to do with alcohol and actually talking. i'm in a situation that is quite unique. normally i don't worry about what i say to a guy. now i worry. normally i don't really care about dating status. now i kind of care. normally i would not be the girl in any sort of relationship situation. now it appears that i am. i don't even know why i like this guy. and i have no idea why this guy likes me. not really people who others would expect would be compatible in any sort of way.

anyways. that's my update. maybe i'll post more often on here until i figure things out... " life. you electrify my life. let's conspire to re-ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive..." -muse



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