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28-03-2008 - 01:13

-so, how did you meet "the boy"?
well, i work with him. he invited himself over. came out, and we've been hanging out since.

-is it true that he's only 22?
yes. strange how i've actually gone back in years for my dating age range.

-what's going on between the two of you?
i'm not really sure. maybe i'll ask.

anyways, lately i've learned that i need to be more direct and more blunt when i talk to some people.

i've learned that i am not even remotely interested in emo-type guys. whiney and whimpery just doesn't cut it for me. it's one thing to say that you miss someone. another to whine about it in constant emails and such.

other news. my sister got another tattoo. it's not that i hate tattoos or anything, but in the case of my sister, my parents had asked her to not get any (or any more) while they were still supporting her. it does bother me that she will be 27 at the end of april and since she can not fully support herself, that she can't abide by such a simple request. not asking to change a religion. not asking to not see someone. not asking to do something difficult. just not to get any more tattoos until she can support herself. i have to admit that this makes me quite angry.

other updates: ummm...beckie is not dating another asian mike. this one is completely asian and not that there was anything wrong with the mike she was married to, this mike is much more social. aimee is dating another guy that while he might be nice, i don't think is good enough for her. she said something like he's only worked for 9 of the last 18 months or something like that...and last i heard, i believe he wasn't employed. the knee is fully recovered and i think i'll be taking up martial arts again in the late spring/summer. i'm still going to school. masters in biomedical engineering specializing in forensics. i've got a whole new cast of friends from the work place (i really do spend more time with them than anyone else). i finally traded in the fiero in december for a new car. first i've ever had. so, i'm currently driving a 2008 toyota. and it is an automatic. still working at the same place. father has retired. sister living in tennessee. aunt and uncle move to the carolinas. i'm still in novi.

the end.

"...and love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart, like why are we here? and where do we go? and how come it's so hard?..." -jack johnson



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